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Cost of Living Help: Get Your £60 Food Vouchers

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Is some cost of living help finally here? Each week brings new horrors (or so it would seem) as the cost of living crisis seems to worsen: with inflation causing genuine distress, most homes are now turning to tricks and money saving hacks to keep their shopping bills down. Local Councils are now recognising the severity of the situation and stepping in to offer some critical help.

Who is entitled?


While this hasn’t been actioned by every local authority (yet). Middlesbrough for example is offering those in need a £60 voucher to spend on food (here).

The coupons began going out earlier this month to parents of children receiving free school meals, with the one-off payment per child available to use at any supermarket.

In total, the town is handing out a £1.6m slice of the government’s cost of living household support scheme to the residents themselves.

Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove are offering parents  £105 to cover essentials over the school breaks. Click here if you think you are eligible.


In Norfolk the funding means that eligible residents can get £120 in food vouchers to cover meals for kids. Apply here.


The authority is Reading is giving pensioners £98 energy vouchers and £49 to families to help cover similar costs. They are also offering family support in the holidays here.


Cornish residents can potentially claim £180 in support for household costs here.


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The rest of the UK

If your place of residence has not yet made an announcement and you think that you may be entitled to any funding, it is advisable to check with your local authority about whether you qualify and how best to apply.

What other financial support is available?

In an effort to help struggling families, the Household Support Fund – which has already been extended beyond its initial September end date – was topped up by another £500million earlier this year.

This was announced at the same time Chancellor Sunak unveiled further measures in an attempt to help families:



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