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How a problem-solving ethos drove wholesaler’s five-star success

He shares that by adding Teams, Zoom, and other methods to their portfolio, wholesalers have been even more available to their clients throughout the pandemic.

Although the tools of the profession have evolved, Rachid feels it has remained fundamentally unchanged. That means wholesalers must maintain personal ties even as virtual channels of communication take their appropriate place in the commercial world.

He assists advisors in his network in delving deeper into the advice business landscape, including opinions on best practices, segmentation, client acquisition costs, and behavioral economics, as part of his ongoing commitment to provide support.

Boufarsi approaches every encounter with the attitude of asking how they can make things better for the advisors with whom they work. He compares his job to professional athletics since it requires him to collaborate and ensure the success of his teammates. Clients are definitely part of the team in this situation, he explains, which leads him to ask one fundamental question at every opportunity.

“’Is my client in a better place now?” he says. “The desire for a favorable outcome is what motivates me to check all the boxes prior to the meeting – asking the right questions to understand their practice, reviewing their assets, and building the agenda for a successful consultancy.”



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