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New report advocates for immediate focus on cancer care post-pandemic

Given the urgency, the report points to creative solutions now being implemented by partners in various parts of Canada, which can be used as models for change by other communities across the country.

It’s a question of life and death. According to one study, nearly 20,000 extra cancer-related fatalities are likely to occur in the following ten years. If the cancer system’s diagnostic and treatment capacity is enhanced 10% above pre-pandemic levels, that number might be decreased by almost 16,000 people.

“Strengthening Canada’s cancer system starts with getting a clear picture of what’s happening today, and what kinds of responses and investments will be needed for the future,” said Dr. Earle.

The report also cited a variety of issues that developed during the pandemic, including delays in cancer screening and diagnosis, interruption of cancer prevention, treatment, and care, and strains on the healthcare staff.

This had real-world consequences, worsening health and socioeconomic inequality, and disproportionately affecting First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis people.



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