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When will I get a break? When will something good happen to me?

Can you relate? When was the last time you asked yourself, “When will something good happen to me?” or  “When will I catch a break?”

Was it as recent as today for you?

Are you in a season of life where nothing seems to be going your way?

If so, you’re not alone. 💖

Today, let’s tackle the problem when you are asking, “When will something good happen to me?

When will I get a break? When will something good happen to me?

The difficulties of life can feel suffocating, especially when there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight. And if we’re not extra careful, times like this can drag us into a deep, dark, ugly pit of depression. 

We definitely don’t want that!

In my own life and in talking with my friends, we’ve all had long periods of time where it seemed like we struggled to stay physically or mentally afloat every day. We agreed that somedays, we could laugh at our circumstances, saying, “Oh boy, here we go again.” 

But the truth is that we all have often felt very frustrated, saying, “Not again, I can’t handle any more! No more, please!”

So if you’ve ever raised your eyes to the sky, begging God to give you a break, let me repeat the fact that you’re not alone. Life is tough. And it’s unfair to everyone, regardless if you’re a Christian or not.

But as Christians, what are we supposed to do when it feels like life is constantly bashing us down?

👉 We are to always fix our eyes on Jesus.

The more we fix our eyes on GOD, the less we feel our problems. We can bring our burdens to the feet of Jesus, casting all our cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7) and take His yoke upon us, which is light (Matthew 11:29-30).

It is about stopping to see the world through our own eyes, but seeing the world through HIS. 🥰

When we see the world through HIS eyes, we can HAVE that peace, that calmness, that patience, because we are not scared, we are not moved, we do not slip, we are HELD by our Creator. 

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, we need simple reminders that can immediately refocus us. But when we feel like we’re drowning, we need a quick solution. So let’s talk more about a way to practically fix our eyes on Jesus that we can realistically interweave into our lives. 

Maybe this won’t make sense to you, but trust me, if you’re not already doing this, it’s a great God-honoring habit to start. And if you are already doing this, double down and press into it all the more.

Start finding ways to thank God for your struggles and difficulties.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Instead of saying, “Why me?” or wondering to yourself, “When will I get a break?” try looking at your circumstances through the lens of how they will strengthen your walk with God. Simply put, reframe everything into how they could be making you more like Christ. 💎

This is just an example to get you in the right mindset.

Say you’re dealing with a difficult neighbor. He or she is always pointing out something negative about your lawn or your kids. Or maybe they just seem inconsiderate, always having loud parties that go into the wee hours of the morning or blowing their leaves into your yard. Whatever it is, it’s like they’re on a mission to make you miserable. 

Instead of rolling your eyes and complaining to your spouse or friends the next time they rattle you, here’s an idea of what you could say to yourself instead. Think of it like you’re saying a quick prayer under your breath while minding your own business doing your normal day-to-day activities…

“God, thank you for placing this person in my life. I praise you because you created them in your image. Help me see how I can learn from this person and serve them. Use these challenging circumstances to conform me into the image of your son Christ Jesus. Amen.”

I know that in my own life, the BIGGEST times of GROWTH, have been when I’m under a lot of pressure from family members or people in my daily lives. And it’s our natural tendency to want to get out of the situation as best as we can, but maybe that’s not what God wants. Maybe He’s using all these things to refine you, to make you a better Christian. 

The seasons of growth are painful and tough, I assure you. But when you look back on them, years later, you can be thankful that you went through them and even CHOOSE them again if given the opportunity. 

My ex-husband abandoned me and we ended up living in a homeless shelter. It was the roughest time in my life to that point. I felt like nothing could ever get worse. I was so confused. “Lord, why are you putting me through this?” But years later, I was able to realize why and I’m GLAD I went through it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 


Because God used that to get my attention on Him and ultimately, after I got out of the homeless shelter, I GAVE MY LIFE TO THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙌😮💯

What *I* saw as this horrible thing, God used to SAVE…MY…LIFE. 

We have to stop seeing things through human eyes and see them how GOD sees them

Life doesn’t just happen for no reason. God is constantly shaping us, molding us, and conforming us to His image. He loves us soooo much. He wants a genuine relationship with us. 

Lemme ask you something. Are you closer to God when you’re in the valley or on the mountain top? 

It’s clear to see that we are closer to Christ when we’re in trouble, when we’re in the valley, the thicket of things. That’s when we run to Him more.

If having us go through a little pain will make us come back to Him, He will allow it…for OUR good. So that we can come back to the Father and have a solid, genuine, daily relationship with Him. 

  • Is He calling you back to Him right now? (Luke 15:1-7)
  • Is He trying to show you that you can trust Him to care for you and your problems? (Matthew 11:28-30)
  • Is He chastising you because of unrepentant sin you do not see? (Hebrews 12:8)
  • Is He testing you so that you may prove to be a legit Christian to the watching world? (James 1:3; Matthew 24: 12-14)

Going back to the neighbor scenario. If you pray a quick prayer like that, you put your focus squarely on Jesus. Not to mention, you refused the temptation to whine and complain or wallow in your frustration. And, you gave God praise and thanks by recognizing His sovereignty and will for your life. 💣

Always be praising and thanking Him for who He is and what He has done – then ask Him to change you!

I bet you have someone in your life that can quickly get under your nerves. Imagine the last interaction you had with them that left you in less than a stellar mood. In your mind, replay that scenario, but this time reframe it by putting your focus on Jesus. Practicing this new mindset will build your “spiritual muscle” so it becomes a faster reflex for you.

I don’t know when you will find relief from whatever it is that’s weighing heavily on you, but I do know the One who has the power to lift that burden off of you. 🥰 By keeping your eyes and your heart focused on Him, whether your actual circumstances change or not, I believe you will feel lighter. And my guess is that’s really what’s at the heart of the matter. You can walk through the biggest, most nastiest of storms in life and still praise and worship God, our Creator and friend. 



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