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The $220 Haircut – Blogging Away Debt Blogging Away Debt


Yeah, you read that right. $220. And no, this isn’t a ‘the haircut was $20 but I ran over a nail and had to pay $200 to replace the tire on my way to the salon’ story. The haircut was $220.

*Sigh* But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

I love my hair. It’s halfway down my back. Shiny. Red. Wavy. I get lots of compliments and I don’t have to try that hard to keep it looking good. Hubby still colors my greys and Great Clips still does my trims. All is right with the world.

Well. All WAS right with the world.

Then I got sick. I’m working through fighting the health battle and my hair is paying the price. It started falling out a little at first then recently, falling out by the handful. I tried Halo type hair extensions to cover the loss and it worked. No one could tell. But it itched, gave me headaches, and I couldn’t go for a walk at lunch since the Halo doesn’t like sweat…or wind…or joy in life.

I gave up and decided to cut my hair off. Long hair is forgiving, short hair is not. Since I was struggling with losing my hair, I really wanted to feel good about the cut. I researched online and found a highly rated stylist. The rate listed online? $120. Yes, roughly 10x more than my usual but since this was such an emotional step, I wanted a ‘good’ cut and color.

She did a single color and a fast cut. The bill? $220. I stared at her, open mouthed. ‘Isn’t it $120?’ I asked. ‘The COLOR is $120. The cut is $100’ she replied.

OMG friends. Seriously, the most mediocre cut and color that wasn’t applied as good as my amateur hairstylist husband was $220. I paid and she asked when I would like to schedule my next cut. ‘Thank you for your services but the price is out of my range and I won’t be returning. It’s not your fault, I should have read your pricing more carefully.’ She looked shocked. Uh, do normal folks have that kind of budget for a haircut?!?! Holy Moly!

Great Clips, I’ll see ya in a few weeks. I’m so sorry for ‘cheating’ on you.

How much do you pay for a cut and color? I’m super curious as to what’s ‘normal’. My Great Clips is around $12 but with tip, I pay $20. My hair color is Madison Reed on subscription and it’s $23. My hybrid DIY routine is $43 every 8-10 weeks.

Also, as much as it didn’t work for me, I DO recommend a ‘Halo’ type hair solution. You can get a great one from Amazon for $35 and they are real hair. They are great for bringing back confidence after hair loss. I just couldn’t do it for 9 hours a day 7 days a week. But for occasional use, they are super fun.



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