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Family purpose is a cornerstone for long-lasting family businesses

“Family members must learn to empathetically listen to one another, really hear each other and understand each other to build a common vision,” says Olivier de Richoufftz, General Secretary, Family Enterprise Foundation. “A Family Learning Champion can help a family to work on these skills in an intentional way.”

The research also emphasized the need for a Family Learning Champion. When long-term family ownership is desired, a strategic learning path is required.

A family with a Family Learning Champion is more likely to participate in business learning initiatives and educational events.

However, 30% of respondents say their family lacks a learning champion, which is a major oversight in terms of keeping the family on track for long-term learning success.

“Families learning together can explore the ‘why’. The why and family purpose are key to effective shared family learning. When these align, and family values have been explored, it’s incredible the family unity that forms,” says Bill Brushett, FCPA FCA FEA, President and CEO, Family Enterprise Canada.



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