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How to Find an Instagram Email Address »

Are you trying to reach the owner of an IG account? Would you like to see an Instagram email address? Here, we have explained how to find an Instagram email address.

How to Find an Instagram Email Address

If an Instagram account has caught your attention and you would like to contact the influencer or creator behind it, then this article is for you. IG influencers will help to promote your brand and product.

The best way to contact an account creator is by sending them a direct message or contacting them via email. Instagram allows you to add your email address to your profile, where people can reach you.

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Adding an email to your profile will help people to contact you via email. Although, just a few Instagram users have enabled it. If a user has not enabled this function, you have to contact them using a different way.

To see an Instagram email address, check on their profile for the “Email” link. If a profile has the email function enabled, you won’t be able to send them an email. Else, you can search their profile name on Google to find their email address or just send a direct message to them on Instagram.

You can send a message to both public and private accounts on Instagram. To do this, tap the three dots from their profile and choose “Send Message”.

If the account owner has a website or personal blog, there is a chance that they will have the website link in their bio. Hence, you can visit the link to find their contact page or an email address.

Alternatively, you can check the account name on LinkedIn. Some users have their email addresses added to their LinkedIn profiles.

Below, we have explained how to find an Instagram email address.

How to Find an Instagram Email Address

How to find an Instagram email address

Locate their email from the profile

If an account owner has added their email address to their profile, then you can reach them using the email address simply by using the Email link.

The Email link is found on the profile and placed next to the “Message” link, provided it has been added. When you click or tap on the “Email” link, the user’s email address will be revealed.

Every Instagram account can add contact information to their profile using the feature. It only requires that you have a business account. To add your contact information to a business account, go to your profile and tap on edit profile. Next, choose Contact options then tap Business email address. Add your email address and save.

Again, go to Edit profile and tap on Profile display. Next, enable the Display contact info option.

Not everyone has this function enabled. As a result, you may not find it on many accounts. Hence, if the “Email” link is missing on a profile, you can check for their website or personal blog URL in their bio.

If their website link is added, you should try to visit their website. On the website, try to locate their contact page for a form to reach them or their email address.

Search online

Search online

To find the email address of an Instagram profile, search for their name on Google. From the search results, you may be able to find their email address. However, it requires some advanced search techniques.

To begin with, search using quotation marks. Wrap the word (the profile name) in quotation marks. This will signal Google to look for an exact match of the keyword.

Alternatively, you can search for “full name” + contact. For instance, to find the email address for Desmond Eliot, type for “Desmond Eliot” + contact and search on Google. If they have a personal website or an email address added to their contact information, you will see it on the search results.

Otherwise, you can check their LinkedIn profile. Search “Desmond Eliot” + LinkedIn on Google and it will retrieve their LinkedIn profile in the search results. Simply check their LinkedIn profile for the email address.

Email addresses can be found under Contact info on the LinkedIn profile if a user has included it Else, you can send a message to them on LinkedIn.

How to find your Instagram email address

Launch the Instagram app and go to your profile. On your Instagram profile page, tap the menu icon from the top navigation bar and choose “Settings”.

Next, go to “Account”, then “Personal information”. Under Personal information, you can see your email address, phone number, gender and date of birth. The information displayed is not visible to the public.



The process involved in locating an Instagram email can take time in the absence of the Email link on the profile. However, there are alternative ways to reach a creator. You can send them a direct message from their Instagram profile.

The message link is hidden in the three dots on private accounts. You can also find them on other social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

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How to Find an Instagram Email Address

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