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High Paying Cash Back Cards Have Hit The Market

With inflation hitting record numbers, many Americans are having to get creative with how they make their money last.

Some are turning to high-paying cash back cards that offer them incentives for dining out, buying gas, and shopping for groceries. While the cost of groceries may be so high people sometimes have to shop at multiple stores to get the best deals, cashback cards could offer rewards and money to offset the cost of a dozen eggs.

Luckily, startups like CashFreely have hit the ground running in an effort to maximize your pocketbook and reap the benefits of cashback credit cards.

So, What Exactly is CashFreely?

“From an early age, I’ve been obsessed with finding good deals and thinking outside the box to maximize them,” says Zac Hood, founder of CashFreely. Even as a kid, Zac was always on the lookout for deals, often under the caps of Gatorade bottles.

By looking through the clear Lemon Ice flavor, Zac realized he could spot contest winners. “My mom drove me all over town every week to check out the Lemon Ice Gatorades in each grocery store,” he says.

“I’ve found some secrets hidden in plain sight,” says Zac. “I want to teach others how to take advantage of them too.”

And so, CashFreely was born. Tailored to people with diverse needs – whether you want to save for a big expense, add to savings, or maximize your monthly budget – CashFreely recommends the best cashback credit cards to suit your needs, allowing you to build credit and stretch your budget by making money off your everyday purchases.

The site is completely free, a transparent reality Zac Hood is adamant about maintaining. “Cost is a barrier that could keep people from earning so much more cash back. This is why we offer CashFreely for free,” explains Zac.

The site makes a commission off credit card sign-ups to generate revenue. Zac also asks people to spread the word and make sure to click on his links, a humble request for a man who is determined to help people find the best deals around.

Now is the Moment for Maximization

This year, inflation reached a daunting 8.6%, the largest annual increase since December 1981. Now is the time for Americans to take control of their financial destiny by maximizing the benefits of high-paying cashback cards.

CashFreely offers some important tips and tricks to getting started with credit cards.

When signing up, Zac recommends starting with Chase bank first. This is because Chase utilizes the “5/24” rule where they won’t approve your application if you have opened five or more cards in the past two years. By starting with Chase, you can sign up for their cards before moving on to other banks that don’t have the same stringent rules.

CashFreely advises you to double up whenever possible. This means both you and your significant other can sign up individually for the same cards and reap double the rewards.

Finally, business cards offer the best sign-up incentives. Even if you have a small side-hustle, you may be eligible for a business card. CashFreely recommends the Chase Ink Business Preferred card, which currently offers a bonus amounting to over $1,000 in free travel value just for signing up and spending $15,000 in the first 3 months.

The Best Cards for Groceries and Gas

While some people may want credit cards that offer miles and travel perks, many Americans can sign up for cards that give them great cash back incentives on regular expenses – such as groceries and gas – that have become increasingly more expensive since the pandemic first hit.

CashFreely recommends the Citi Premier Card for groceries. This card offers 3x points on groceries (equivalent to 3% cash back when cashing out points) in addition to the 80,000 Citi ThankcgYou Points, a $800 cash value. They also recommend the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, which earns 6% cash back at US supermarkets (up to $6,000).

With gas prices depleting wallets across the country, some credit cards offer great cash back incentives on gas purchases.

The Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi offers 4% cash back on the first $7,000 spent at gas stations, which means you could make $280 just for buying gas. CashFreely also recommends the Citi Custom Cash Card, which offers a unique perk: 5% cash back on the category of purchase you spend the most on. They also give you $200 if you spend $750 in the first three months.

The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Card also offers $200, but only after spending $1,000 in the first three months. In addition, this card offers 3% cash back on any category you choose – up to $2,500 per quarter – which can include gas.

A Small Difference With Big Results

With these savvy sign-ups, the average consumer can make money from regular purchases.

“I started CashFreely to help regular people maximize their cash back earning so it can help them with their short and long-term goals,” says Zac. I want to treat every user like my friend, for whom I want the best experience possible.

Entrepreneurs like Zac could help regular citizens make it through this difficult economic slump.

Note: Card offers mentioned were accurate at time of publishing, but all offers are subject to change.

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