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Introducing Financial Wellness by YNAB

You’ve probably heard of “The Great Resignation.” For you, it might not just be a buzzword. Maybe you’re a business owner struggling to find talent, an HR professional working to keep your team intact, or an active participant saying, “I’ve had it!” with your current workplace. 

Across the US, workers are quitting their current jobs and seeking new roles at a record-breaking rate, and we can all feel it. Insert wide-eyed emoji here: As of March, 2022, nearly half of all employees were looking for a new job or planned to soon. 

With the changing tides of the workplace, new employer benefits are surfacing as tools to attract and retain long-term employees. These days, sure, paid vacation days are nice—but even more enticing are benefits that help employees overcome modern challenges and build their daily lives toward a brighter future.

Speaking of meeting modern challenges (ahem, inflation, ahem, gas prices), financial wellness programs for employees are making a splash. This kind of perk introduces a different side of self-care, one that goes beyond fitness stipends or yoga studio memberships. Employee financial wellness benefits dive deeper, with an aim to alleviate an age-old problem…money stress.

What is an employee financial wellness benefit?

Let’s face it: everyone carries money stress—and employees carry it right into work with them. When employees are stressed about their home finances, they’re more likely to be distracted at work and constantly hunt for a higher-paying job. Financial wellness perks that teach employees how to budget, tackle debt, and save for the future support happier, healthier, and more productive teams.

In a recent PwC survey of full-time U.S. workers, 63% of employees stressed about their personal finances. A whopping 45% of employees stressed about their personal finances during work hours. Financial wellness benefits give employees total control over their home finances so they can focus on work…not money woes.

What are the benefits of a financial wellness program?

When employees feel financially stable, it matters to an organization’s bottom line. They’re more engaged. They’re more productive. They’re less likely to leave for the talent war. We know it, because YNAB has experienced this phenomenon in our very own workplace.

Financial wellness of employees has been on YNAB’s radar for a long time. After all, budgeting is the core of what we do. Humble brag: the fact that our employees actively use our financial management app and system is one of the reasons we’re consistently voted a “Great Place to Work.” Our employees have a handle on their finances, so when they’re at work, they can be fully present to collaborate, create, and connect with each other. 

For business owners, boosting your traditional benefits package with a shiny new perk like financial wellness can be a game-changer. When 63% of US workers felt financial stress during the pandemic (PwC), only 24% of budgeters did. That’s saying somethin’! 

What is an example of an employee financial wellness program?

*Taps Mic* *Clears Throat* 

Allow us to introduce you to Financial Wellness by YNAB, a brand new benefit for the modern workplace. Think of it as a perk that supports employee wellbeing by alleviating money worries. You’ll be helping your team master their personal finances so they can work for their paycheck and make their paycheck work for them.

When you sign your organization up for Financial Wellness by YNAB, there’s no heavy lifting on your end. Leave it to YNAB—we’ll equip your team with our powerful money management app and the financial education they need to thrive. Your employees’ personal budgets will always be private, but you’ll be able to see sign-ups and use our tools to encourage participation.

Concerned about your business budget? We hear you. With Financial Wellness by YNAB, you’ll have the option to only pay for employees who sign up. Or, you can pay up front for your team. Whatever works best for your business!

How do I start a financial wellness program for my organization?

Well, hey. We’re glad you asked! If you’re a business owner or HR professional, it’s easy to bring Financial Wellness by YNAB to your team. Here’s how:

  1. Preview Financial Wellness by YNAB for free. It just takes a few minutes!
  2. Invite employees to sign up for the perk. 
  3. Become an HR hero. Watch workplace stress decrease and retention rates rise.

Get Started

How do I request an employee financial wellness benefit at my workplace?

You’ve experienced the life-changing power of budgeting for yourself. If you’re a current YNABer, you’ve probably already talked to your coworkers about it. Yep, your wheels are spinning now: how do I get my workplace to offer YNAB as a perk? 

We’ve got you covered with templated language you can customize and humbly send to your HR department to request Financial Wellness by YNAB. For good measure, you can even insert a personal story about how budgeting has changed your life. 

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and you might just get Financial Wellness by YNAB at your workplace. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

“Short & Sweet” Instant Message 

Here's an example of a quick message to request Financial Wellness by YNAB at your workplace.

Short on time? Send a quick note to your HR pro about Financial Wellness by YNAB using your workplace’s instant messenger service.

Hi [HR Pro Name],

I just heard that the money management app I use and love, YNAB (You Need a Budget), recently launched a product specifically for companies. Financial Wellness by YNAB can now be offered as part of a benefits package to help employees gain total control over their money. 

Budgeting made a huge difference in my life. I think our team would love it too!



“Hey, By the Way” Email

Here's an example of a quick email to request Financial Wellness by YNAB at your workplace.

Are you on a first-name basis with your boss or HR professional? Send them a personal-yet-casual request.

Hi [HR Pro Name],

Quick benefit recommendation for you. I’m a huge fan of the money management app, YNAB (You Need a Budget). I just heard they’re launching a new corporate-friendly product that teams like ours can use to boost their benefits package: Financial Wellness by YNAB. 

Just wanted to pass the benefit information along in case it’s of interest. I can definitely say that having more peace around my home finances keeps me more focused at work and happier overall. I think our team would love it! 

Thanks for checking it out,


“Shout YNAB From the Rooftops” Email

Here's an example of a more formal email message to request Financial Wellness by YNAB at your workplace.

Do you have a formal workplace or feel more passionate about YNAB? Add a personal anecdote to this HR email to drive the power of budgeting home.  

Hi [HR Pro Name],

I’ve really appreciated your focus on workplace wellbeing lately. Along those lines, I wanted to pass along a recommendation for a new wellness benefit I think our team would love. 

The money management app I use, YNAB (You Need a Budget), recently launched a product specifically for organizations. The idea behind Financial Wellness by YNAB is to help employees gain total control over their finances. When they are less stressed about money, they’re less distracted at work and happier overall. I know that’s been true for me!

[Insert your personal budgeting story here.]

Here is more HR-specific information in case it’s of interest: [1-pager]

Thanks for your consideration,




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