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How to Find the Best Grocery Store by Food Category

There’s no single cheapest grocery store, as large and small supermarket chains price their items differently. If you’re interested in which grocery outlet offers the most value overall, the answer might surprise you. According to global consulting firm dunnhumby, Amazon ranks first among grocery shoppers for a few metrics, including price, quality, and convenience.

When you’re researching where to buy cheap groceries, it helps to do some comparison shopping online. A quick search for “supermarket near me” should turn up all the local grocers in your area. You can spend some time on each store’s website to compare:

  • Which brand names or generic products they offer
  • How they price items across different food categories
  • What kind of sales or promotions they typically run
  • Whether the store offers a rewards or coupon program to help you save money

You can also check the store’s policies for things like price matching, rain checks, compatibility with cash back apps like Ibotta, which rewards you with cash when you shop partner supermarkets, and any fees you might pay for online ordering and pick-up. Seeing the bigger picture can help you find the best grocery store(s) to maximize savings. 



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