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Passion Projects: 12 Hobbies That Will Ignite Your Zest for Life

Burnout is becoming an increasingly common problem in today’s fast paced world. Many of us feel overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted, leaving us with little time and energy for the things that truly matter. All work and no play is not healthy! Here are 12 hobbies you need to start doing right now to reinvigorate your zest for life.

1 – Traveling

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Traveling is not only a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life but can also have significant benefits for your mental health and work production. Studies have shown that traveling can reduce stress and anxiety, boost creativity, and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. By breaking out of your routine and exposing yourself to new experiences and cultures, you can gain new perspectives and ideas that can positively impact your work and productivity.

Taking a break from work to travel can help to prevent burnout and increase motivation, allowing you to return to work feeling refreshed, recharged, and more productive. Ultimately, travel can be a powerful tool for improving your mental health and optimizing your work performance.

2 – Gardening

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Gardening, a part of horticulture, entails growing or caring for a garden to keep it beautiful. Your skin would thank you for the extra hours in the sun, and your mood would experience similar enrichment. Plus, being in nature and engaging in physical activity can boost energy levels and improve cognitive function, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

Studies have shown gardening helps to reduce stress and improve mental health. An added benefit? Fresh produce. You can start by growing plants that are easy to maintain and then move on to more challenging ones to help provide (a bigger) sense of accomplishment. 

3 – Reading

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Reading may be one of the underrated hobbies. Maybe as a young teenager, you read a lot. But now, with work and increased busy schedules, it’s almost impossible to find time to read. However, reading has been proven to help decrease stress and increase productivity.

When you read, you expand your knowledge and understanding of different subjects, improve your vocabulary and communication skills, and increase your ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods. Plus, reading can be a great way to take a break from work and allow your mind to rest and recharge. 

4 – Dancing

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Dancing can be a very fun sport, but it’s more than just that. Your body benefits in a million ways when you let it loose: better flexibility, balance, concentration, and stamina, decreased depression, more energy, and improved cardiovascular health. Plus, when you dance, you release endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, leading to an increased sense of well-being.

So, the next time you find yourself on a dance floor, make sure you’re the last person to leave! Better yet, sign up for regular dance classes to turn the hobby into a routine for regular doses of feel-good chemicals (and much-needed breaks from screens and work). 

5 – Yoga

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Yoga, often described as “liberating,” is a low-impact exercise that can be done anywhere and can help to prevent burnout. This Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline involves placing your body in certain positions to establish breath control, simple meditation, flexibility, and body postures. 

Regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce stress, improve flexibility, strength, and balance, and promotes relaxation.

6 – Crochet

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Crochet can be an excellent to pass time. During the COVID era, many people reported that they spent a lot of time crocheting, and it helped them feel better and less depressed.

For those who don’t know, crocheting is a handicraft that involves making clothes with wool (or other material) and a needle with a hook at the end. Studies have shown that crochet designers were generally happier, more creative, and more useful. Crocheting also provides a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment as you see your work progress and come to life. 

7 – Photography

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Moments come and go, but with photos, they can last multiple lifetimes. And there’s the popular saying: A good picture is worth a thousand words.

What better way to spend your time than taking photos of the beautiful things and people around you? And if you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, unmotivated, or overwhelmed, photos can help you see the beauty in life. As an added bonus, the creative process of composing and editing photos can help to improve cognitive skills, including problem-solving and decision-making. Meaning taking photos can help to reduce stress, improve mental health, and increase work productivity.

8 – Pottery

The Great Pottery Throw Down 2015 HBO
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Imagine being able to touch and mold art as palpable and striking as pottery. Pottery is one of the oldest art forms. It can unleash the thoughtful and creative side of you, as the art requires extreme care, deliberation, and innovation.

The process of creating pottery can promote problem-solving skills and improve hand-eye coordination, which can translate into improved work productivity. Plus, pottery-making can be done alone or in a group, providing opportunities for social interaction and connection with others. 

9 – Cooking

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Cooking is a great hobby that not only provides delicious meals but also helps improve your mental health and work production. Cooking allows you to be creative, experiment with different ingredients, and express yourself. It’s a perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety, and it can also be meditative.

By planning meals and cooking at home, you can also save time and money and avoid unhealthy options like fast food. This can lead to more energy, better focus, and increased productivity at work. In summary, cooking is a healthy hobby that provides numerous benefits for both your mental and physical health, and it can help you to become a more productive and focused individual.

10 – Playing an Instrument

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Not everyone is blessed with Mariah Carey or Beyoncé-level vocals, even with the help of vocal coaches. Luckily, there are other ways to enjoy music through instruments like guitars, pianos, and cellos, to name a few.

Among its plethora of benefits, playing instruments boosts your mental abilities, confidence, creativity, coordination, and connectivity. Plus, playing an instrument provides a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, which can boost confidence and motivation in both personal and professional endeavors.

11 – Meditation 

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Meditation has been shown to be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and enhance overall mental health. By taking the time to quiet your mind and focus on your breath, you can reduce the impact of negative thoughts and emotions and increase your ability to remain calm and centered in the face of stress and adversity. This can have a significant impact on productivity, as it allows you to approach tasks with greater clarity and focus and to be more productive and efficient.

Plus, regular meditation practice has been linked to increased creativity, improved decision-making, and enhanced emotional intelligence, all of which can be valuable assets in the workplace.

12 – Hiking

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Hiking is a great activity that not only benefits your physical health but also has a positive impact on your mental health and work production. Being in nature and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can help reduce stress levels and increase feelings of relaxation and calmness. Hiking also provides an opportunity to engage in physical activity, which has been linked to improved mood and cognitive function.

This can lead to a boost in creativity and problem-solving skills. By allowing your mind to rest and recharge — and by disengaging from screens — hiking can help you to return to work feeling more energized, focused, and productive.

Boloere Divine Seibidor, fondly called B.S. is a Nigerian-based writer and poet. Her favorite topics to cover include music, especially Hip-Hop, film, lifestyle, and fashion. She’s been published by Feral Journal, Fantasy Magazine, The Temz Review, and most notably, Wealth of Geeks. She enjoys romantic dinners, movie nights, and touring new sites. When she’s not writing, she’s delving back in time to the underground world of Hip-Hop, watching TikTok, or visiting the cinema.



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