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25 Work from Home No Interview Jobs

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Want to work from home but fret about having an interview?  A lot of people feel the same way about the interview process.  For some, it can cause a lot of anxiety and undue stress before, during, and after an interview.  And although it plays a significant part in the hiring process, it can be avoided.

How?  You can simply apply to work from home jobs that do not require an interview.  There are a few companies actively hiring remote agents where no interview takes place.  The advantage of eliminating the interview option is that you would be able to start working sooner.

Work from home no interview jobs (in some cases) could lead to more job offers and a faster onboarding experience.  Those who live outside the US may also welcome work from home jobs that do not require an interview if they are intimidated speaking to a potential employer.

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Make sure you get our Job Tracker here to keep track of the jobs you’ve applied to, your status, and any job offers you receive.  Here are a few work from home jobs that do not require an interview below.

  1. Inventory Contractor – Bare International is looking for people to capture high-quality retail data by collecting product prices, visiting stores, and inputting them into the app.  This job pays $15 to $25 per hour.
  2. Annotation Reviewers – E2F is seeking people to review and verify annotations.  You will also tag them.  You will also analyze and report on quality metrics.  Requires knowledge of annotation tools and English fluency.
  3. Cambly – Get paid to chat with people all over the world helping them build their English language skills.  This job pays $10.10 per hour or $12 per hour for Cambly kids.  Pays every Monday via PayPal.
  4. Freelance Projects – Remotasks is looking for people to earn money for short writing and evaluation assignments.  You can start working in less than an hour.  Pays $15 to $20 per hour.  Work whenever you want.
  5. Transcribeme – This company is looking for individuals to listen to audio files and transcribe the text.  There is an entrance exam you need to take but no interview is required.  Payments are made every Thursday via PayPal.
  6. Rater – Telus International is looking for people to rate search queries on the web by analyzing feedback, text, images, and other information.  This job pays $12 to $14 per hour working 25 hours a week.
  7. Chatroom Operator – Drips is looking for people to respond to messages via their chatroom in less than 60 seconds.  Requires good grammar, proficient typing skills, and reliable internet.  Pays $10.10 per hour up to 28 hours a week.  Training via Zoom.
  8. Freelance Work – Clickworker is looking for people to complete various freelance tasks in categorization, web search evaluation, and more.  A simple evaluation is required but no interview.  Weekly pay via PayPal.  Open worldwide.
  9. Welocalize – Another platform that needs remote agents to work in translation, interpreting, rating the web, editing, and more.  Pays every two weeks with eligible benefits.  Set your own schedule.  Open worldwide.
  10. Data Annotation Tech – Get paid $15 to $20 per hour working out of your home completing simple non-phone tasks and choosing your own schedule.  It is open worldwide.  Free training is provided.  Payments are made via PayPal.
  11. OneForma – OneForma has a variety of projects for candidates to complete as an Internet Judge, Data Collection, Translation, Annotation, Voice Talent, etc.  Open worldwide.
  12. Live World – Now hiring Social Media Agents to review social media posts to reject or approve them, start conversations, and do other related duties.  They hire in the US and globally.
  13. Online Scorer – Literably need people to listen to kids reading to transcribe their errors.  Make your own schedule.  Training is provided.  Pays $10 per hour via PayPal every week.
  14. Online Grader – Macro Learning will be looking for people in the fall to score and provide feedback on standard writing assignments.  There is a mock assignment but no interview.  Pays $12 to $14 per hour.
  15. – This company has various projects available for remote workers in translation, web search evaluation, crowdsourcing, speech collection, and more.  These non-phone jobs will not require an interview.  Open worldwide.
  16. Virtual Assistant – Fancy Hands is looking for people to make phone calls, schedule appointments, find hotels, track down prices, and similar duties.  Requires strong written communication skills.  Pays per task every other week.
  17. Amazon Mturk – Get paid to write content for websites, clean up data, verify data, process data, rate the accuracy of search results, etc.  You can work anytime.  No interview is required.
  18. Appen – Appen is another crowdsourcing platform that will pay you to work on projects in social media, data collection, search evaluation, transcription, translation, etc.  These are long and short-term projects.  Pays regularly for the projects you complete.  Open worldwide.
  19. Call Reviewer – Humanatic needs people to listen to recorded calls from your computer or smartphone and categorize them based on how the call was answered.  This job pays every week via PayPal.  Open worldwide.
  20. Mystery Shopper – Field Agent will pay you to take photos of displays in the store, order pizza, try new products, scout for items, etc.  You get paid per simple job.  Pays via direct deposit.  Open worldwide.
  21. Marker Content – Write articles on articles you love and/or upload articles you’ve written to earn money.  Pays via PayPal.  Open worldwide.
  22. Audiobee – Make money working when you want recording your voice, transcribing speech into text, translating languages, annotating audio, etc.  Pays via PayPal or Payoneer every Friday.
  23. Data Entry – SigTrack will pay you to type in signatures and registration data working whenever you want.  Payments are made every Friday via PayPal.
  24. Data Entry – KeyforCash is looking for typists to key in alpha and numeric data from images shown on your computer screen.  You can work at your own pace.
  25. Article Reviewer – has multiple work from home jobs that do not require an interview.  They also hire worldwide.  You can apply to proofread articles as an Article Reviewer.  Payments are made twice a month via PayPal.



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