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15 Most Difficult Things Women Face, According to Men

While taking my daily scroll on the Internet, I came across an interesting question, “Men of Reddit, what do you think would be the worst thing about being a woman?” Naturally, as a woman, my curiosity peaked, and I was pleasantly surprised by the answers. 

1 – Endometriosis 

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The pain women go through when they have endometriosis is almost indescribable, especially since it is commonly misdiagnosed. Many men say they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemy, and in some cases, it can even be fatal. 

2 – Feminine Products Should Be Free

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Every heard of the Pink Tax? Several men argue that feminine hygiene products and even sexual preventatives, should not cost anything at all. 

3 – Mansplaining

how to stop cheating in a relationship
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If you’ve ever had someone explain something to you assuming you knew nothing about it, you may be entitled to compensation. Jokes aside, several members have said that they see women being victims of mansplaining almost every day. 

4 – Medical Conditions Being Ignored 

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Women often face the issue of being dismissed when going to the doctor. Medical conditions in women are often ignored or dismissed as “hormonal” when they are actually symptoms of something much deeper. 

5 – Other Women

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“Other women,” one said. “No, seriously, hear me out. The cattiness and the downright awful behavior between other women on how they treat each other is real. All I have to say is, good grief.”

“This isn’t true for every female, but for some that I know, there seems to be a lot of judging each other, putting each other down, or saying things behind each other’s back,” another agreed.

6 – Pulling Double Duty

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“In today’s world, wages are so low, and living costs are so high that it’s no longer an option for most of them to not work. And while I hope we can agree that women who want to have careers should be able to, having to work sucks. Society has burdened them with the male curse.”

“But still expects them to do all the stereotypically female things: be sexy, stay thin, keep a clean house, take care of the kids, and serve as the social hub of the family. So they’re pulling double duty now. On top of that injustice, they’re still underpaid and under-promoted.”

7 – Sexism

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“All the sexism, constant mansplaining, and never being listened to must suck,” said one. “And being interrupted and talked over.”

“Yeah, and dealing with those people who DM you random things. It must feel like a snowstorm after getting thousands of DMs because of mentioning that you’re a girl.”

8 – Societal Pressures for Beauty

Coffee Isn’t Just For Waking Up Anymore
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“Probably the societal pressure. Spending ages on beauty regimes sounds like a pain in the rear. Women in my family are raised and taught to dress and look right no matter what. Two hours of hair and makeup per girl is considered normal and professional. You don’t do it. You’re ugly and unprofessional-looking. They can’t leave the house without putting on their face.”

9 – Men Being Creeps

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Someone stated, “Men being freaking creeps.”

Another added, “The creeps exist because most men allow them to exist. They grow into it. First, they sound out their male mentors with low-level sexist stuff. Then, when that is tolerated, they escalate. It can take years, but make no mistake – these guys exist because the decent majority enables them.”

10 – Being Labeled Hysterical for Having an Opinion

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One man voted, “The fact that the people around you will consider you hysterical every time you disagree with someone and defend your opinion. As a straight white male, my observation would be that in most cases, I’ve witnessed where men could describe a woman as hysterical. It usually starts with her voice not being heard in the first place.”

“If I were to be ignored and run over by others for a few thousand years, hysterical is how people would describe me on a good day.”

Another user stated, “As a gay man, I’ve noticed straight men will occasionally call me hysterical. It shows how misogyny and homophobia often go hand in hand.”

11 – Giving Birth

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After a man stated, “Giving birth,” many women shared their experiences.

Then, finally, one clarified, “Not just giving birth, the whole pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, constipation, no energy, lower back pain, round ligament pain, swollen feet and ankles, acne, mood swings, insomnia, baby brain. And then giving birth and the recovery after hemorrhoids, bleeding, and stitches.”

12 – Not Being Taken Seriously

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“Not being taken seriously when you have legitimate experience in a field,” someone said.

“I experienced it as a man when I enrolled in Animal Husbandry and Vet Tech in school. Being the only male for four years only to be sexually harassed, insulted, and talked down because I was the one outlier in my class.”

“It only made me realize how my peers treated the sole female in Agricultural Mechanics, Automotive Repair, and Forestry was very similar to how I was treated. And I couldn’t imagine facing that every day, every hour of my life.”

13 – Fear

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Another user shared, “I don’t know one man who is afraid to go to the store alone, go to the bar alone, go on a run when it’s starting to get dark. Or really anything that has to do with them getting attacked.”

“On the other hand, almost every female doesn’t go out alone after dark. Unlike females, men don’t have to stick together to protect each other from unwanted attention. And a lot of women do walk around in fear.”

14 – Periods

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One man said, “Periods sound like the worst!” Another confessed, “A family member of mine has endometriosis. Just freaking straight brutality each month.”

Finally, a third suggested, “And having to pay for sanitary pads! Should be free, in my opinion.”

15 – They Are Not Free Therapists

interested person
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I have a friend who always seems to attract people’s problems. Why do some people assume women are free therapists?

Source: Reddit.



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