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Lessons for Investors from Mini-Panics

The first post-pandemic presentation I pulled together for my pal Joe Fitzgerald (we worked together in the late 2000s) was a new deck titled: Biggest Mistakes Made by UHNW Investors.

In the intervening year, I updated and refined the deck, adding more examples and specific advice. below is my discussion of what the presentation will be like at the MoneyShow in Orlando on October 30.

If you are near Orlando at the end of October, c’mon by.


China, Clickbait, & Market Crises: What Investors Should Know About Behavioral Economics


Here is the Moneyshow’s description:

“Barry Ritholtz is Founder and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. He is also a long-time market analyst, commentator, and expert on behavioral economics principles as they apply to investing. In this insightful interview, Barry discusses the perils of paying too much attention to “hair on fire” headlines like recent ones about China’s credit issues, rising interest rates, and the risk of recession. He notes that “The clickbait stuff is entertaining, but it’s not how we manage assets and it’s not how individuals should manage their own assets.” Barry also discusses how humans are wired to make quick judgments, use pattern recognition, and overreact to certain stimuli because that aided in our evolution and survival as a species. The problem? “Things that worked great on the savannah, they don’t really work well in capital markets.” Our talk then pivots to Barry’s outlook for Federal Reserve policy, why he thinks a higher inflation target than 2% makes sense, how the 60/40 portfolio didn’t really “fail” last year, and what investors can do now to adapt to a higher-rate, higher-stimulus market environment.”



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