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Behind the Scenes: 18 Jobs That Aren’t as Fun as They Appear

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day — or so they say. Sometimes, what seems like a dream job is much less fun. Here are 18 jobs that prove the grass isn’t always greener. 

1. Character Performer at Disney

Disney parks
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Being a character at a Disney theme park isn’t as fun as you’d think. One person shared their experience, noting that while there are perks and magical moments, it’s an exhausting job. Plus, the park guests can be rude and abusive. They said that the job also doesn’t have upward mobility.

2. Paleontologist

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One person shared that paleontologists don’t get to work with complete dinosaur skeletons and go on expeditions. Instead, it’s more of a desk job that involves looking at photos and logging things on a computer. Another paleontologist confirmed that the fieldwork is enjoyable, but the job involves a lot of writing and research they found boring.

3. Nurse

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Being a nurse is hard work. They are exposed to illness, disease, and long hours. There are rewarding moments, but the job is a grind.

4. Lifeguard

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This job is more than pretending like you’re on Baywatch. And in reality, you’re just telling people not to run or stop wasting time. 

5. Working in a Music Store

musical instrument MSN
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The idea of working in a music store sounds good until you hear countless people misplay the same song repeatedly. On the surface, it should be a fun gig — until you hear someone murder “Smoke on the Water” for the thousandth time.

6. Baker

father with daughter take some rolls on a baking tray out of oven
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Baking requires you to get up before dawn while working next to a scorching oven and cleaning up gigantic messes — all for minimum wage. 

7. Lawyer

Smiling lawyer portrait
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Being a lawyer is nothing like how it’s depicted on television. Half the time, when you bring a case before a judge, the other party doesn’t show up, and your next date is several months away. 

8. Marine Biologist

sea turtle close up over coral reef in hawaii
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Despite what George Costanza thinks, being a marine biologist requires performing many gross, tedious tasks. The industry relies heavily on volunteers, too. 

9. Animal Shelter Employee

animal shelter puppy man pets adopting a pet
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While you may think you get to play with puppies all day, you’re cleaning up the messes the animals make. There is some joy in seeing animals find their forever homes, though.

10. Demolition

demolition project
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Everyone wants to break stuff. However, there’s a lot of hard work and physical labor involved. It’s a tough job. 

11. Zookeeper

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Being around so many animals can be a dream come true, but they all tend to stink pretty severely. It would be best if you had a strong constitution for this job.

12. Archeologist

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Archeologists quickly warn people that their work is tedious, uncomfortable, and physically challenging. Not to mention, you have to cover expenses like food and travel for doing work on-site. It seems like a glamorous profession, but it’s anything but. 

13. Video Game Testers

Woman and her mother playing video games, gamer, gaming
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Playing video games for a living sounds like a dream come true, but being a tester means you’re doing busy work on buggy games for very little money. 

14. Teacher

Online English Teacher
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Teaching is a noble profession, but you must interact with frustrating parents and deal with kids. It’s not an easy job, and teachers must be paid more.

15. Modeling 

The girl in a yellow jacket and blue jeans with an afro hairdo lies on the floor. Fashion eighties, the era of disco. Studio photo on a gray background. 1980s fashion.
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In addition to shooting swimsuit pictures in January and wearing winter coats in July, models often change their outfits countless times daily. It gets really old, really fast. 

16. Photographer

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Anytime you turn a hobby into a profession, it takes the fun out. It is frustrating to take a perfect picture only for your client to say it’s unacceptable and demand a refund. 

17. Airport Baggage Handler

Man on plane, airplane, flight, travel, happy, airport
Image Credit: Prathankarnpap/Shutterstock.

On the plus side, you can see parts of an airport the general public never will. On the downside, it’s incredibly long hours, and you’ll quickly realize you’re not sleeping as much as you need to, which affects your social life. 

18. Veterinarian 

Woman cutting cats nails, Veterinarian, pet groomer
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There are two significant downsides to being a vet. First, it’s less about treating animals and more about talking about money and costs with people. Second, putting down pets never gets easy, no matter how often you do it.

Source: (Reddit)



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