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How SpotMe Helps Chime Member Raymon Between Paychecks

Raymon learned about Chime through his daughter and his girlfriend. His daughter had just gone to college, and Raymon often needed to send her money. And his girlfriend lived in another state at the time. It was easier to send money back and forth once they all had Chime.

“It came from two people I love and trust,” he says of his Chime origin story.

For Raymon, the appeal of Chime was being able to easily send money to loved ones through Pay AnyoneOutside of that, he didn’t know about all of Chime’s other helpful features. In fact, he first learned about SpotMe by accident, when he spent more than he had in his Chime account.

“One day, I think I had $15 on my Chime Debit Card,” Raymon remembers, but he swiped his card for a larger purchase without realizing it. “And it went through! And I was like, ‘How!?’ That’s how I found out about SpotMe – by Chime spotting me.” 

As Raymon discovered, qualifying Chime members can overdraft up to $200 without fees, on both debit card purchases and cash withdrawals.*

“It’s like asking a friend for money,” Raymon jokes. “I don’t even have to make a phone call. It’s like, ‘Hey, Chime, can I use $50?’ And Chime says, ‘Yeah, sure!’”



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