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Revolutionise Your Cleaning Routine with These Expert Hacks

Many people put off cleaning as it can be a time-consuming, arduous process. But there are plenty of cleaning tips and tricks that can enable you to do more efficient, effective, and faster cleaning.

ICE Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that offers an array of specialist cleaning services including trauma cleaning, mould removal, and chemical spill clean up. Its technicians are available nationwide, day and night, 365 days a year.

Continue reading to find out what the experts’ best cleaning hacks are.


Revolutionise Your Cleaning Routine


Leave cleaning products time to dwell

Some products need to sit on a stain or surface to get rid of all the grime. Quickly spraying and wiping surfaces may require retreatment and lots of scrubbing, both of which result in wasted product and time.

Dwell time is also key for disinfectants which usually need between five and ten minutes to kill the bacteria on a surface.


Wipe surfaces in an “S” motion

Most people use a circular motion to clean surfaces. But this can pick up dirt, move it around the surface, and place it back where it was removed from. You are also likely to leave behind patches of dirt.

Following an “S” or zig-zag shape can ensure you remove all the dirt and grime from the entire surface and don’t just move it around.


Purchase a high dusting tool

Lots of dust and grime can collect in hard-to-reach areas, like on the ceiling or on lights. To save you climbing up a ladder or balancing on a chair, a duster on a mop or a pole can help you clean your entire property safely.

These tools also prove useful for dusting the skirting boards which are often overlooked as you have to bend down to clean them.


Tend to spills as and when they happen

Spilled food and drink can cause long-lasting, stubborn stains if not dealt with immediately. Any other dirt or marks that appear around your home should be cleaned straight away, as well, before you forget about them.


Clean little and often

Dust and grime can build up quickly, and require deep cleaning which can take a lot of time and effort. Sticking to a weekly list of chores can ensure you stay on top of cleaning and don’t have to spend lots of time doing it as only a small amount of dirt and dust will have accumulated.

Sometimes, you need to bring in the experts. If you require specialist cleaning services, such as mould remediation or flood damage cleaning, ICE Cleaning’s professional cleaners can help.

They have been accredited by a range of organisations including Dewpoint Professional, BICSc, and the National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners.

To find out more about ICE Cleaning and its cleaning experts, click here.



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