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Chime recognized for putting members first with a host of customer service awards

At Chime, we firmly believe that our members’ experience with our products is at the core of our success. That’s why we continuously go the extra mile by investing in simple, beautiful, easy experiences that allow our members to control their money and make progress towards their goals. At every turn, we work to best serve our members’ needs—and exceed their expectations.

“Being as close to our member base as possible is at the heart of our long-term success because they have so much potential to drive innovation and ensure we’re being thoughtful about what we create and meeting their needs. Our members are the people who will give us great ideas or tell us when something isn’t working. We talk about being member obsessed, and we are—and one of our goals is to build a Chime they are as obsessed with as we are with them.”
— Nic Cadwallader, Chime’s VP of Member Experience


A considerable part of our members’ experience is their trust in Chime, which is foundational to our business and, as a result, our number one priority at Chime. Our best-in-class customer service team works daily to help our members succeed, by providing helpful resources, critical account support, and responding to member needs as they arise. They work both proactively and reactively to ensure that our members’ accounts are safe—so they always have peace of mind when it comes to their money.  

The Year of the Member—and a year of success for our member support efforts

At the beginning of 2023, we designated this “The Year of the Member,” and our commitment to our members has not gone unnoticed. In fact, it’s been a monumental year for Chime—we’ve received numerous industry accolades and recognition for our outstanding customer-centric approach. 


As we continue to iterate, learn, and improve from every member interaction, piece of data, and insight from our industry, we’re proud of these awards—they serve as a clear reflection of our continuous commitment to raising the bar for the industry and helping our members achieve their financial goals. 


Some of our proudest moments from the last year demonstrating our exceptional product and customer support team include:

CNBCs Disruptor 50 Ranking

May 9, 2023: Our journey towards our member obsession excellence began with a milestone achievement on May 9, 2023, when CNBC announced the results of its prestigious Disruptor 50 list—and Chime proudly claimed the 15th spot. This annual list highlights companies that are disrupting industries to meet increasing consumer challenges. We’re proud of our rank and see it as a testament to our dedication to innovation and our relentless pursuit of providing top-tier financial services to our members.

Newsweek’s Recognition for Customer Service 

August 30, 2023: Newsweek ranked Chime in the 4th position for customer service products, an honor we share with other renowned brands like Fidelity, Alaska Airlines, and Hulu. We feel this recognition underscores our unwavering focus on providing outstanding customer service and building trust with our members. We are continuously investing in more sophisticated support resources—like employing industry-leading threat intelligence capabilities and increasing the size of our member services team—to ensure we can provide the strongest protections and best service. 

Investor’s Business Daily’s Most Trusted Financial Companies

September 25, 2023: Our commitment to being a trusted financial partner to our members was reaffirmed when Investor’s Business Daily published its fourth annual list of the Most Trusted Financial Companies. Based on a June-July survey, we were ranked third, after Schwab Bank and U.S. Bank. The survey also highlighted our second-place rankings for quality, customer service, and prices. In the overall trust index ranking for all types of companies in the survey, Chime stood proudly at 38th place.

American Bankers Reputation Survey 

September 5, 2023: In early September, American Banker’s annual reputation survey revealed that public perception of traditional banks took a hit. However, Chime was among the non-traditional banks that saw the highest level of customer confidence. 

Finovate Awards Recognition

September 12, 2023: Our CEO, Chris Britt, was recognized as a finalist for “Innovator of the Year” at the Finovate Awards. This prestigious award acknowledges individuals who have pushed their teams to accomplish great things. Chime also made its mark as a finalist for “Best Customer Experience Solution” and “Best Financial Mobile App.” 

American Banker’s Influential Women in Fintech 

May 8, 2023: American Banker mentioned Chime Chief Experience Officer Janelle Sallenave among a list of the most influential women in fintech. 

PYMNTS Leading Provider of Personal Finance Apps

October 16, 2023: Chime has been ranked as the leading provider of personal finance apps for the fifth consecutive time by PYMNTS. This recognition reflects our consistent dedication to providing an innovative and user-friendly financial app to help our members.

While these accolades are a fantastic way to gauge our progress, we also know that by the numbers, our members’ experiences speak to our impact on their lives. Here’s a closer look at the numbers that showcase our dedication to providing easy and affordable products that improve the lives of members:

#1 Most Loved Banking App 1

Since 2020, Chime has proudly held the title of the #1 most-loved banking app, thanks to our members’ loyalty and positive feedback, making us a standout in the fintech industry. What’s even more remarkable is that we continue to raise the bar year after year. 

One of the Most Downloaded Banking Apps

Chime has been one of the most downloaded banking apps in the US2 (Peer set large banks and Neobanks) since 2020. Considering the competition among large banks and neobanks, we’re especially proud of this one. Our members’ choice to download and use our app speaks volumes about the value they find in our services.


It’s about more than awards—it’s about our members

Chime’s journey towards customer excellence is not just about winning awards; it’s about delivering on a promise to our members. Our commitment to providing an outstanding member experience is a daily practice, not just one to be marked with an award or achievement. 


We’ve created a suite of financial services products that directly address the needs of everyday people to help them unlock financial progress—and our members’ financial well-being is at the heart of everything we do. 💚



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