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Top 25 Best Survey Companies

I’ve been doing surveys since I was 17 years old. It started out being a real great way for me to make some money in a quick amount of time, and work with some fantastic brands. By far, my favorite assignment was with a brand name cereal company. They paid me $100 for a 3 month assignment, in which I was part of a test audience for them to pitch a few new ideas to. I showed up twice a week, got my $100 and by showing up consistently, I also won a prize, I think another $100 or so.

You won’t get rich doing surveys, and there are a TON of scams out there. At one point, believe it or not, I was registered with 312 survey companies. Most of which were not legitimate. This was all before SurveyPolice came out. SurveyPolice is a fantastic site that you can search by company and find out if the one you want to apply to, is legit…or a scam. It became my best friend.

Over the years, I have come across so many survey companies and it’s only been this last year, that I stopped doing surveys. I just didn’t have the time anymore. Below, I’ll tell you the top 5 survey companies you want to join. If you don’t join all of them, join these 5. They will pay the most, give you the most surveys, and are the easiest and least time consuming, least red tape ones available. Then, below that, I’ll show the Top 25 best survey companies. If you want to make money from home, this will be a great list to bookmark as well as my article, 10 Ways to Earn Cash from Home.

My Top 5 Best List:

1. Pinecone Research

This will always be my go-to #1 company. They pay extremely well and because of that, they are extremely hard to get on. I have had friends wait up to 3 years to score a link to get on their panel. You have to scour the internet to find an ad to join and the ads disappear as fast as they put them up. It’s almost impossible to get in. They are super exclusive. With that said, RIGHT NOW, in the biggest news ever (and the reason for this post), they have allowed me to put up a link to join their site!!!!!!!!!! They are looking for people just like you! They could notify me to pull the link at any time, so hurry and join!

The qualifications they are looking for right now are:

  1. You must be between 18-24 (if you are, click here)
  2. You must be Hispanic (if you are, click here)
  3. You must be African American OR
  4. You must be male (if you are, click here)
  5. You’re in Canada (if you are, click here / 18-24 year olds click here)

You have to fit into one of those categories to be accepted, however, I will tell you that if you want to do surveys, I’d apply anyway, even if you’re not in one of those categories. They might approve you and you’re in with the best survey company on the planet. If you have friends who want to join, tell them. Because even if you get it, you CANNOT get them in later. There’s no friend referrals with Pinecone!

Pinecone Research is unlike other companies, in that, they sometimes will pick you to try a product. That’s right! You will get a FULL SIZED version of the product for free to try PLUS compensated for your review. This is a great way to score free stuff, things you like and will use, and be paid for it. I can go on and on about how awesome Pinecone Research is so you’ll have to excuse me now. lol.

2. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost (Canada click here) is my second favorite survey company. They have a lot of survey’s available. They pay almost as good as Pinecone Research, but unlike Pinecone, there are not any product reviews, thus no free product and no bigger commissions.

3. My Points

With My Points, you earn points to cash out, but it’s not limited to just surveys. You can earn points by doing all sorts of things and rack up points pretty quickly. They used to even have contests where you could win points. Not sure if they still have that or not, but it was pretty cool.

4. SwagBucks

SwagBucks basically works like a survey company; you get paid to surf the web and opt- in to offers. You use their platform instead of say Google or Yahoo. By searching, you earn money. By referring friends, you earn money. By opting into deals or buying things, you earn money, and you can also earn money by what….taking surveys. 🙂

5. E-Poll

E-Poll is a great company that I’ve made a lot of money with and you can cash out faster than a lot of other places. Sometimes the surveys are kind of boring and not creative, but it’s really easy work for easy money.

Top 25 Legitimate companies you can trust

Not the whole list of course, there are literally thousands of companies, but these are the top 25 best survey companies to earn money on the side:

  1. American Consumer Opinion
  2. National Consumer Panel
  3. Harris Poll Online
  4. Survey Junkie
  5. Inbox Dollars
  6. Reward Survey
  7. Nielson
  8. Branded Surveys
  9. My Points
  10. Vindale Research
  11. E-Poll
  12. Points2Shop
  13. ySense
  14. CashCrate
  15. Opinion Outpost
  16. Bzz Agent
  17. Crowdology
  18. iPoll
  19. MindField
  20. Survey Club
  21. Ipsos I-Say
  22. Toluna
  23. Pinecone Research – best survey company in the world (hiring NOW!)
  24. SwagBucks
  25. FusionCash (similar to SwagBucks)




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