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How to Start a Personal Concierge Business From Home

Do you want to launch a lucrative home-based business, but you’re unsure what type of business to start?

Then consider working as a personal concierge, sometimes called a personal assistant or household manager. Not only does this allow you to work from home on a flexible schedule, but it falls under the most basic human needs of not having enough time and having way too much to do. People are more than willing to pay good money (up to $125 per hour) for an extra set of hands so that they can get stuff done!

What is a Personal Concierge?

You’ve probably heard of hotel concierges, where they assist guests with booking reservations and tickets for shows, restaurant suggestions, and other guest needs to make their stay memorable.

As a personal concierge, you’ll help busy individuals with their overflow of personal tasks, errands, and to-dos, to help them free up their time.

Here is a list of personal concierge services you can offer to clients:  

  • Book travel reservations
  • Schedule appointments
  • Make restaurant reservations
  • Run errands
  • Act as a personal shopper
  • Party planning
  • Grocery shopping and meal prep
  • Take pets to the vet
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Pay bills and membership fees
  • Home organization
  • Internet research
  • Mail packages
  • Pick up kids from school or daycare
  • Manage repairs and service setups like cable or internet
  • House and pet sitting
  • Watering plants
  • Waiting in line for concert tickets, renewals, and registrations
  • Packing and relocation services

Being a personal concierge does not require a degree, special training, or a large startup budget; however, you will need to provide exceptional service, have excellent communication skills, and you’ll need to be highly organized.

How Much Can You Make as a Personal Concierge?

Now that you know what kind of tasks a personal concierge does let’s talk about how much you can make. According to, depending on where you live, what tasks you’re performing, and how many clients you have, you can earn anywhere from $25-$125 per hour