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The Style Trends to Keep and Drop in 2024 • budget FASHIONISTA

This post outlines seven fashion trends from last year that are still wearable in 2024 and five that are not.

New year, new you. For the style-minded lady, that effort begins in the closet. Step one is clearing out last year’s tired and formerly trending styles — to make room for the latest and greatest style trends of 2024.

Fortunately, you don’t need to wipe the slate completely clean. A few of last year’s hottest looks are still hanging around. You want to wear those as much as possible before the tides shift again.

Woman looking in closet with text overlay that mentions style trends for the year ahead.
Source: Envato.

Before you dive into space-clearing, review this guide on which style trends to keep and which to drop as we kick off 2024.

Let’s start with the pieces you can keep.

1. Cozy knits

The cozy girl trend isn’t going anywhere soon. And why should it? We’re really only at the start of winter. There’s a lot of play left in those comforting knits.

To mix things up in 2024, try pairing your best sweaters with unexpected bottoms. Reach for trousers, skirts, and shorts with tights ahead of the denim.

2. Short hemlines

Whether we’re talking about mini dresses, ankle pants, or crop tops, short hemlines will continue to be popular in the year ahead.

If you’re not the type to bare skin, try a mini dress over leggings or a boxy cropped sweater to get in on this trend.

Model wearing red mini dress against beige background.
Source: Lulus. This dress is a good candidate for a mini you can wear over leggings or tights. It also nods to the red trend and the knit trend…so three birds with one stone. Shop it here.

3. Feathers

Yes, feather embellishments are still a thing for 2024. To make this trend more wearable, opt for feather details on your accessories. A subtle bit of feather adds pretty texture to a handbag or scarf.

You could also find a feather broach or clip on Etsy. Use it sparingly as a temporary upgrade to a hat or sweater.   

4. Tartan

Hang on to those tartan pieces a while longer. The pattern of interlocking stripes and plaid’s Scottish sibling is still worthy of your social media feed.

Model wears tartan pants against cream background.
Source: JM McLaughlin. These tartan pants have a modern look, with the short, split hemline. Shop them here.

The pattern plays into the collegiate trend, which invites you to wear everything preppy — including a tartan pleated mini skirt and a sweater tied over your shoulders.

5. Red

I thought the “shades of red” obsession would have died down by now, but alas, no. So, if you loaded up on red, magenta, brick, scarlet, and ruby-shaded pieces, you’re in luck. Those pieces can stay in your rotation, along with your favorite red lip colors.

6. Peplum

Peplum tops are a welcome style trend because they offer a chic interpretation of office wear. Hopefully, the peplum pieces you have on hand are the stiffer variety that hold their shape. The more relaxed versions of this style, such as those made of t-shirt material, can look sloppy after a wash or two.

Model wears peplum jacket in front of a gray background.
Source: Zara. Peplum doesn’t have to mean ruffle hem. This very sleek peplum jacket will continue to be stylish for the long haul. Shop it here.

7. Cargo pants

In 2023, we saw many interpretations of the classic cargo style. Skirts, oversized denim, and even tiny tops were suddenly outfitted with extra pockets.

You can expect this trend to linger in 2024, but possibly in a more subtle way. Sleek and modern cargo pants or a cargo-inspired utility jacket are still fashionable. Put your more aggressive cargo-inspired pieces aside as they’ll start to look dated in 2024.

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The list of style trends to drop includes three flashes-in-the-pan and two classics that are ready for a break from the limelight.

1. Barbie pink

We knew this one was coming. Bright pink and pink-on-pink layers are out for the year ahead.

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a hot pink sweater in 2024. Just don’t pair it with another shade of pink or a pencil skirt and heels.

2. Hot pants or no pants

I hesitate to put this one on the list — because I personally don’t know anyone who actually wore hot pants in 2023. This trend was hot on the runways, but not terribly wearable for normal ladies like us.

If you do have a pair of shorty-shorts, save them for volleyball practice. They’re not going to be on trend for club nights going forward.

3. High-waists

Fashion is all about evolution, right? Just as my go-to skinny jeans have waned in popularity, so has the high-waisted bottom. It’s a shame, too, because high-waisted pants are quite flattering and go amazingly well with crop tops.

Expect 2024 to be the year of the moderate, mid-waist bottom.

4. Boat shoes

It’s a sad day for Sperry wearers. Your easy, slip-on boat shoes will take a backseat to loafers and white sneakers in the year ahead.

Between you and me, I own three pairs of boat shoes…which I may just keep on wearing.

5. Denim maxi skirts

The long denim skirt had its moment in the sun, but that moment is now over. I have no arguments here. I never found a long denim skirt to be flattering or comfortable. Also, they take up a lot of space in the closet. Clearing one or two of these out should leave room for more sweaters, right?

With the closet trimmed, you’ll have room for new trends that will be hitting the shelves and the feeds shortly. Come on back and I’ll fill you in on what’s lies in store for fashion and beauty in 2024. I’ll also share budget-friendly strategies so you can take part in those trends without hocking your car.



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