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List of Index Funds in India 2024

In this post, I am sharing the list of Index Funds in India 2024 (as of January 2024). The list includes Equity, Debt, and International Index Funds.

List of Index Funds in India 2024

As Index Funds and ETFs are slowly gaining popularity, I thought to update all the available Index Funds (Equity and Debt) in one place. The list includes details like current AUM, total expense ratio, tracking error, and tracking difference of all funds.

List of Index Funds in India 2024 – Download Excel

Index funds eliminate the risk of fund managers, but market risk still remains. Also, some active funds may perform better than index funds in any given period, but their consistency is doubtful. The main point is that you need a passive mindset to adopt index investing or a passive strategy. Index funds are not for you if you follow them only because they are trendy, but you still seek a certain alpha.

Here is another way to rephrase the sentences you provided:

The Excel sheet is designed to help you select the best index fund for you by providing information on AUM, Tracking Errors, and Tracking Differences. These are the key factors to consider when opting for Index Funds. Download the complete list of Index Funds in India 2024 (excluding the ETFs) by clicking the below button.

Even though disclosure of tracking errors and tracking differences was made mandatory by SEBI, I found many mutual fund companies not disclosing properly (or in my view, the disclosure is not user-friendly to check). Hence, there may be some discrepancies in the data. For that reason, I suggest you cross-check the tracking error and tracking differences by visiting the respective AMC website particularly before you jump into investing in any index funds.

The main purpose of this post is to list all the available Index Funds in India 2024 in the highest possible way.



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