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My blog is on holiday today – William Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory

Its that time of the year … I have a long flight today with a long drive from where I have been working this week to get to the airport and at the end of the various journeys will be a birthday cake (cue LC). The travel is to get me to where the cake will be. But the real reason I am not writing anything today is because I have too too many work commitments on the way to deal on top of the travel. So a birthday just seemed like a good excuse to send my blog on a little holiday for a day.

The number of candles on the cake represent a complex non-linear function of my age.

We will celebrate my shift into the next year with cake and then by watching the opening game of the AFL season where the mighty Dees (Melbourne) are playing Sydney.

A good night coming up.

Anyway, you can also enjoy this birthday music with me.

Music – Stop (Super Session)

This is what I have been listening to on the way to the airport this morning.

When I was still at high school I heard this record (1968) – Super Session – which showcased – Al Kooper – on keyboards and – Mike Bloomfield – on guitar on the first side and then – Stephen Stills – on the second side.

The standout track for me was this one – Stop – featuring the fabulous Hammond organ of Al Kooper and the guitar work of Mike Bloomfield.

It was really one of those tracks that marked the time for me – the sound, the intonation, the tone – perfect rebel music.

I bought the album in 1970 and still play it, scratches and all.

That is enough for today!

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