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Advice for dog owners: How to create a functional yet stylish home

Who says looking after the dog can’t be stylish?

It’s a common misconception that owning a pet means your house can’t be clean, comfortable, and trendy. However, you need to plan carefully if you’d like to avoid making your home feel like a circus. Whether you’ve got a young puppy or two boisterous dogs, it’s worth knowing a few top tips to keep things stylish – but still comfortable for every family member.  


Four ways to create a stylish yet dog-friendly home

stylish yet dog-friendly home


  1. Create a designated area for your pooch

Keeping your home tidy and organised with a dog might feel like a mammoth task.

The best way to start is by creating an area reserved strictly for your pooch, helping you to compartmentalise and avoid inevitable mess! Complete with their leads, collars, treats and kibble, it’ll be their private little haven. If you’ve crate trained your dog, luxury dog beds keep your pooch cosy at night and fit inside it too. This helps them to love their own space even more.


  1. Install low-maintenance flooring

To make life easier for you and your pup, it’s always worth opting for a hardwearing flooring. It’s certainly worth learning about the most durable options for heavy footfall, but you’ll also need to think about the right materials to minimise the mess on your floors.

Your floor must be able to withstand accidents and muddy pawprints, so it’s important to choose a material that’s easy to clean. A couple of our favourites include laminate flooring or tiles, which won’t age or show marks as your best friend grows and plays through the years.


  1. Invest in pet-friendly furniture

There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of pounds on a fancy sofa only to have it chewed by your puppy. From spillages to surprise accidents, there are plenty of things that could go wrong when it comes to dogs and furniture – so it’s worth choosing items that not only withstand their presence but help you to coexist happily too.

For example, you could go for chairs and sofas with removable and washable covers. This way, you can honour and reflect your own personal style without worrying about your pet. After all, there’s nothing better than being able to cuddle up together with complete peace of mind.


  1. Remember: Functionality is key!

Lastly, whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, don’t forget to harness all the opportunities for extra functionality. From hidden storage to handy accessories, there are so many ways to make life with your dog easier and more enjoyable, starting at home.

For your pooch’s bowls, for example, why not create a specially built-in drawer with grooves? Along with seamlessly matching the rest of your kitchen design, this will reduce the need to keep your dog’s bowls on the floor – and remove a potential trip hazard too. Just remember that your dog should be able to access clean water all day, every day.



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