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Top 7 Bridesmaid Dress Trends of 2024 • budget FASHIONISTA

If a fall wedding is in your future, congratulations! Amidst the chaos of sending save-the-date cards and planning a new life with your special someone, there’s the matter of formal dress shopping for you and your besties.

To kick off that conversation, here’s a look at seven bridesmaid dress trends that are hot for 2024. For more ideas, also see my rundown of this year’s spring fashion trends.

View from behind of bridal party wearing black dresses and bride.
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Texture bomb

Trends have a way of remaking and recycling themselves for the better. You may not be old enough to remember, but texture was trending way back in the 1980s and 1990s. In those days, bridesmaid dresses were heavily embellished with ruffles, layers, bows, and even aggressively angular shoulders and necklines.

Worse, we wore those bulky formal dresses with teased bangs and wrist corsages. The whole effect was a little off, honestly.

Thankfully, the do-over era for texture is done right this time. You might see an oversized bow, elegant side ruching, cowl neckline, or tasteful use of sequins, velvet, or tulle. The trend leans into soft and well-balanced textural elements. The effect is striking and dramatic, in person and in photos.

Color crazy

Another trend to watch is a broader use of color. Load up your fav formal shop online and you’ll see what I mean. The color choices for bridesmaid dresses go well beyond pastels. Truly, you can paint with whatever palette you want. Elegant jewel tones, rich reds, metallics, and even corals are options.

Let your preferences guide you here. Sure, your skin tone and the coloring of your bridesmaids are factors. But your instincts won’t lead you astray.

Lavender satin

While the full rainbow is available to you, you can’t go wrong with the classic choice of lavender satin. Soothing and soft, lavender is flattering on many skin tones. Combine it with luxe satin and a dramatic drape for an effect that’s classically gorgeous, with an old Hollywood vibe. You could play up the look by encouraging your ‘maids to wear their hair in wholesome, retro styles like pin curl updos.  

“Lavender satin continues to be a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses this year. It’s elegant, flattering, and oh-so versatile. Brides can complement this color with a muted choice like gray or something bolder like a tea green.”

Kent Chopin, Buyer for Azazie bridesmaid dresses

Mix and match

Thankfully, your ‘maids don’t have to fade into anonymity by wearing the same dress. Allowing them to choose their dress generally means they’re going to look amazing and feel super confident.

The mix and match trend is a favorite of wedding expert Jennifer Allen.

“Why do I love the mix and match trend, you ask? Honey, it’s simple. It’s the ultimate celebration of individuality. Each bridesmaid gets to shine in her own right while still being part of the squad. It’s like creating a masterpiece where every brushstroke matters. Plus, it’s a surefire way to ensure your girls are feeling themselves, and when they feel good, they look good.”

Jennifer Allen, CEO, Wedding Specialist, Floral Arrangement Specialist, and Officiant at Just Elope LLC


Allen is also seeing more bridal parties opt for eco-friendly dresses. Sustainable choices include rented dresses, secondhand pieces, dresses that can be reworn or resold, and garments made of organic fabrics or deadstock.

“For the bride who’s as passionate about the planet as she is about her partner, sustainable and eco-friendly dresses are the way to go. It’s like saying “I do” to love, style, and Mother Earth all at once.”

Jennifer Allen, Just Elope LLC

Bare shoulders

One-shoulder and off-shoulder designs are also continuing their time in the spotlight this year. This is an area to let your bridesmaids weigh in, however. Some may be strongly opposed to bare shoulders because these styles can be hard to wear.

I know this from experience. I have tried on a one-shoulder dress only once in my life. It was so unflattering and awful that I swore off the style permanently. We’re talking one smashed boob and upper chest flab I didn’t know existed. Seriously, it was that bad.

Opting out

Eru Abraham, principal planner at Beles Events, shares an interesting bridesmaid trend she’s identified: no bridesmaids at all. Some of her brides, wanting to be as fiscally conservative as possible, have opted out of the bridal party concept entirely. That trims costs for the bride and her best girls.

Best advice for the bold bride

Trends aside, your bridal party’s look should align with the wedding vibe you want. It’s your day, after all. So use the trends not to guide your decision-making, but to inspire your creativity. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing.

If unique and bold is where your head’s at, Allen shares this advice:

“Darling, if you want your bridesmaids to break the mold, then it’s time to think outside the box. Embrace bold patterns, unexpected textures, and accessories that pop. Why not throw in a statement piece or two? A funky clutch, a daring shoe, or even a hat if you’re feeling adventurous. Remember, the key to standing out is not just to be different, but to be authentically you. And if Aunt Karen raises an eyebrow, just remind her that fabulousness runs in the family.”

Jennifer Allen, Just Elope LLC

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



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