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Promo Product Ideas for Fashion Startups



In the UK alone, there were 10,621 fashion brands as of 2023. And, apparently, there are 298,036 global fashion brands as of 2024. These fashion brands produce a whopping 100 to 150 billion items of clothing per year.

Enough with the statistics – but we wanted to show you how saturated the market is. Saturated doesn’t mean impenetrable. Every market is saturated. You simply need to pick one you’re interested in, create a solid business plan, and give it a go. Part of that solid business plan should consider marketing methods like promo products and how they can benefit fashion startups.

Read on to learn more.


Custom-Designed Tote Bags

Tote bags offer an incredible canvas (literally and metaphorically) for showcasing your brand’s creativity. Everyone loves a tote bag, but not everyone has one. They’re perfect.

When designing these bags, think about what makes your brand stand out. Is it your bold use of colour, a penchant for minimalist designs, or a quirky graphic that represents your brand’s spirit? Translate this into your tote bag design to make them instantly recognisable.

You also must consider the functionality. Add pockets, choose durable materials, and incorporate adjustable straps to enhance their value. When your tote bags combine style, practicality, and a clear brand message.


Keychains, Pins, and More

Accessories might be small, but they can captivate and charm.

When creating items like keychains, pins, or phone cases, consider how each piece tells a story. Promo products like keychains from Wordans are perfect.

By making these items collectable, you encourage a deeper engagement with your brand. You can turn everyday moments into opportunities for your audience to connect with your fashion startup.


Branded Apparel

Branded apparel gives endless opportunities to embed your brand into people’s daily lives. And everyone loves apparel. When you go beyond basic t-shirts into items like embroidered beanies, printed hoodies, or even coats, you’re creating more touchpoints for brand interaction.

Each piece should feel like a thoughtful extension of your brand. Whether that’s through the choice of material, the design process, or how the item is packaged. When you offer something unexpected, you set your brand apart and engage your audience’s curiosity and desire for unique fashion items.


Lookbooks and Fashion Diaries

This one is probably for the hardcore fashionistas. We’d say lookbooks will work better than fashion diaries, but both can work.

Use these mediums to showcase your products and convey your brand’s journey, values, and vision. Rich storytelling and compelling imagery can turn these items into coveted keepsakes. They won’t exactly be an issue of Vogue, but many people appreciate them.

Consider how these pieces can be interactive – perhaps incorporating blank pages in a lookbook for notes or sketches. It makes them more personal to each person.

You’ll have seen from the statistics in the introduction that the fashion industry is competitive. It’s more than competitive. It’s a trillion-dollar industry. Promotional products can be a game-changer for startups wanting to build brand recognition and loyalty.






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