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AI that shows how your business flows: Bringing together generative AI and process intelligence

AI has landed for the consumer. It’s no longer a topic for data scientists and IT alone. But what is Generative AI? Equally as mystifying is Process Intelligence – a complex subject, frequently hidden behind the process expert wisdom.

So, how can department and functional leaders, from risk to operations to IT, leverage AI and Process Intelligence to effectively improve and automate banking processes, but in a business language that everyone can clearly understand?

American Banker gathered AI and industry experts from Accenture and Celonis to discuss the role of GenAI in banking and how Generative AI and Process Intelligence work together to:

  • Provide faster, more accurate insights, at superhuman speed
    There’s more data flowing through your business. BI tools help you analyze it. Large Language Models help you build on it. But neither know how or why your business flows. Process Intelligence changes that. Giving you the power to visualize every process, in every department. One by one or all-as-one. Understand performance dynamics and how to improve them at superhuman speed. With pinpoint accuracy. The Celonis Process Intelligence Graph™ connects your process data (stored in our Object-Centric Data Model) to AI and the codified process knowledge necessary to understand where value opportunities lie and how to deliver on them. Process Intelligence is the connective tissue for your enterprise, enabling you to optimize entire value chains and make technologies like AI work for you.
  • Enable smart process automation that adapts to your business
    Automation is our friend. Undertaking tasks. Pushing information. Accelerating workflows. But just because it’s running, doesn’t mean it’s working to its full potential. Take your automation from adolescent to advanced with AI made smarter by Process Intelligence. With intelligent automation you can feed AI data that’s been contextualized with process knowledge. Process Intelligence powers sophisticated AI tools for business so they speak the language of your enterprise, and replace or work alongside simpler rules-based automation systems such as robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Create tep change in productivity, and customer satisfaction
    We run our personal lives on smart apps with big functionality, simple UX, and tap-speed intelligence. Now you get the same power at work. Every decision augmented with Process Intelligence. Relevant actions automated with AI that’s process aware. Process Intelligence can supercharge your AI reporting tools, helping you visualize critical data and make better business decisions. With Process Intelligence, teams become more productive. Customers are better served. Satisfaction increases. When Process Intelligence powers AI, your processes work – for your business and your customers.

Generative AI is more than just a buzzword. It’s a paradigm shift for business. Banks are using GenAI to quickly identify and capture value opportunities across the business, enhancing the digital banking experience. Watch the webinar on-demand to hear what the experts had to say.



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