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Chime Bets on Generosity in “Pay Progress Forward” Featuring Five-Time Emmy Award Winner and Grammy Award Nominee Wayne Brady

Beyond the 10 participants, “Pay Progress Forward” features Wayne Brady, whose natural ability to create connections with people and approachable sense of humor made him the perfect “host” of the experiment-style video. Throughout “Pay Progress Forward,” Wayne is a cheerleader, guide, and support for all the participants.


“Everybody has a dollar amount in mind that would change their life. For me, it was $200 to buy a suit for a life-changing career opportunity. When I couldn’t afford it, my grandma bought it for me, and I’ve never forgotten how that changed my life and helped me progress. Chime’s social experiment “Pay Progress Forward” resonated with me deeply for this reason, and I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to help other people experience that feeling. I was moved by each person’s generosity and Chime’s bravery to bet on it.”
– Wayne Brady, entertainer and “Pay Progress Forward” host


The video also stars Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, an award-winning financial educator whose role was not just to offer money, but to help guide participants toward smart financial habits.


“You don’t have to overhaul your life all at once to make progress. Taking the first step can simply look like shifting your mentality about your finances. When “I can’t” starts to become “I did”, the world will open up for you. There are so many people who are hustling alone, but I believe that handling money is a team sport and asking for support will help us all get further faster. My hope is that people walk away from seeing this film with the courage to have difficult conversations, knowing it will help them unlock progress.”
– Tiffany Aliche, Financial Expert



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