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20 Early Morning Jobs You Can Do From Home

You know the saying, the early bird gets the worm? Well, in this case, that worm is 20 early morning jobs that you can work from home! Whether you are a morning person through and through or have family needs that don’t allow for a traditional 9-5 schedule, these jobs may be just what you have been searching for. 

We’re all productive at different times of the day. Some of us get random bursts of energy at 3 AM, while others shoot out of bed the second their alarm goes off, ready to take on the day. 

Working with your natural clock is a great way to maximize productivity with minimal effort. In other words, get your job done without even breaking a sweat. 

Perhaps you prefer early morning jobs because they fit your lifestyle, like matching a partner’s schedule or trading off to handle childcare. Or maybe you just want to clock in on a successful day before 10 AM!

A woman working from home and drinking coffee at her computer.

Whatever the reasoning, there are plenty of work from home career options for all of you early risers. 

Today, I’m covering early morning jobs across several industries that start bright and early so that everyone can find their perfect fit. 

Ready to clock in? These 20 early morning positions allow you to work at the time that best suits you. By the way, if you’re more of a night owl, check out this post on remote night shift jobs

1. Freelance Writing 

Writing is a huge industry, with new jobs popping up by the minute for website copy, blog writing, social media copy, and more. 

And if copywriting isn’t your thing, try your hand at something a little more structured, like resume writing

Freelance writing is perfect for skilled writers who prefer working irregular hours. Without a boss to answer to, you have total flexibility over your schedule. 

You can work part-time or full-time and change your workload as it suits your life. 

To make money in the AM hours with your writing, explore: 

2. Online Teaching 

Teaching online has many benefits, from flexible work hours to the lack of commute. 

To optimize your schedule to suit mornings, opt for part-time work, taking on morning classes. You may also consider teaching in a different time zone that aligns with your early hours. Just be sure to leave time for grading, prep work, and communication as well. 

Online tutoring is another great option and often allows you to pick your hours. 

For tutoring jobs that you can do in the early morning hours, check out: 

3. Transcription Work

For many people, becoming a transcriber is a great way to lower your work-related stress levels, giving you a calming, task-oriented position that you can complete during your preferred hours. 

Position options include legal transcriptionmedical transcription, and more.

Necessary skills include fast and accurate typing, research skills, and good use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Sound right up your alley? 

Check out these online transcription companies: 

4. Virtual Assistant 

Are your organization skills on point? If so, becoming a virtual assistant might be for you! Common tasks include responding to emails, calendar management, research, data entry and analysis, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, and more.

These positions are perfect for expert planners who find juggling many tasks at once an ease. If you’re looking for a company that allows administrative assistants to work early morning hours, check out Byron, BELAY, and Time etc

5. E-commerce Seller 

E-commerce is a fun way to run a thriving business from the comfort of your home! Whatever your skill or interest, there is likely a market for it. 

From selling printables on Etsy to selling hand-crafted soap, you can transform your hobby into a profitable business. 

If selling handmade items from home sounds like the perfect early morning gig for you, check out this post for tips on getting started

6. Technical Support

Tech support is one of the best early morning jobs you can do from home. These positions offer competitive wages, attractive compensation packages, and frequent work from home positions. 

Technical support is often needed 24/7, making early morning shifts common in the industry. 

Depending on the position, necessary skills include strong communication, technical proficiency, and quick problem-solving. 

7. Online Fitness Instructor

If you wake up super energized, why not burn off some of that energy at work?

Online fitness classes are extremely popular, from relaxing yin yoga to upbeat cycling classes. Being an online fitness instructor is perfect for anyone with a passion for fitness and a whole lot of charisma. 

You can start a fitness franchise like Fit 4 Mom, work as an online fitness instructor for a company, or start your own business. 

8. Social Media Marketer

Find yourself glued to your mobile device, constantly taking in new micro-trends and the latest news. 

You might be perfect for working in social media!

Whether you’re a social media manager, content creator, or forum moderator, there are scheduling tools that help you post throughout the day, no matter the hours you work. 

For remote early morning jobs, check out: 

9. Customer Service Representative 

If you give excellent customer service but prefer working from home, you can work as an online customer service representative. 

Qualifications include excellent interpersonal skills and a good knowledge of the technology you’ll be communicating through. 

Whether you’re an online chat agent or you talk on the phone, morning hours are possible, especially if you’re serving different time zones!

For early morning jobs in customer service, check out: 

10. Data Entry 

If you’re a fast and accurate typist, many companies need your skills. You can work part-time hours or just pick up an occasional project using a freelance marketplace like Upwork or Freelancer. These positions tend to pay on the lower end, but if you’re looking for an easy gig with flexible hours, data entry might be the perfect work from home early morning job for you. 

A woman working from home and drinking coffee at her computer.

11. Graphic Design

Creative work is best done on your own hours. Working as a graphic designer is a great way to combine both technical and artistic passions, making a fantastic early morning job. 

Whether you hold a degree or are self-taught, you can find remote early morning jobs in this industry. 

Necessary skills include proficiency in design software, an excellent understanding of color theory, knowledge of web design, and artistic ability. 

To find freelance design jobs, check out Dribbble, Behance, or 99 Designs

12. SEO Consultant 

Search engines rule our world, bringing us any information we need with just a few strokes of the keypad. But did you know that there are careers devoted to understanding search inputs and their algorithms? 

Working as an SEO Specialist or Search Engine Evaluator is a great opportunity to work online at your preferred hours. 

To find these early morning jobs, check out SEO ClerksTELUS International, and

13. Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping can be a very flexible career, particularly if you run your own practice. And becoming a Certified Bookkeeper (CB) can launch you into a profitable at-home career!

Essential skills for these positions include data entry, knowledge of accounting software, strength in organization, attention to detail, and proficient math skills. Interested? You can find more information here about how to become a bookkeeper

14. Web Developer

Web development is a highly dynamic field, combining creative, technical, and problem-solving skills. 

And though these positions do require a diverse skill set, you can easily attain certifications online, often for free!

Both CodeAcademy and SkillShare offer invaluable resources, with free and low-cost options available. 

15. Proofreader

Can you spot a spelling error from a mile away? Do comma splices make you physically ill? Proofreading might be the profession for you!

From literature to legal transcripts, proofreaders are in demand in several fields. 

You can easily complete this work from home, which is wonderful for your early morning productivity. 

18. Voice Acting 

Becoming a voice actor feels like a dream profession for many – but it’s entirely achievable. 

Read this post on 12 places to find legitimate voice-acting jobs to make your dream a reality!

Note that there are likely upfront costs to this job, including quality recording equipment. 

17. Online Research

Freelance internet research is a booming (and growing) industry, with options for just about any niche interest. 

With access to a web browser, you can start making money from your keen research skills.

Other qualifications include attention to detail, understanding of copyright, data collection, analysis skills, and overall digital literacy. 

18. Closed Captioning

If you have excellent language skills, closed captioning may be the early morning job for you!

These positions involve more than just transcription; as a closed captioner, you’ll also note dialogue and sound cues to ensure accessibility for all audiences. 

Strong listening, typing, and multitasking skills are needed. Knowledge of captioning software will also be necessary, though you can achieve this through training or self-education. 

19. Freelance Editor 

If you’re interested in the writing industry but not actually writing, becoming an editor or proofreader is one of the best solutions.

An ideal candidate will be detail-oriented with strong reading comprehension. 

Contract or freelance work as an editor gives you the flexibility you need, perfect for the early hours. 

20. Translation

If language is your expertise, translating jobs could benefit from your knowledge. Speaking multiple languages is a highly sought-after skill, opening the job market up for your choosing!

Translation jobs can often be done on your own hours, particularly in freelance work. 

Early Morning Jobs Wrap-up

As you can see, it’s easy to find a position that works with your preferred schedule, giving you control over how you live your life. One thing to note is that many of these positions are independent contracting (1099) roles, so you’ll be responsible for paying your own taxes. Be sure to understand your employee classification when you apply for positions and what you’ll be responsible for tax-wise. 



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