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11 Chat Moderator Jobs Hiring ASAP!

11 Chat Moderator Jobs Hiring ASAPBillions of people all over the world log into the internet daily to gather information, shop, check their emails, and so forth.  Others love to engage with people and discuss their points of view on a variety of topics, respond to comments from others, and share photos, as well as other content on social media, forums, communities, chatrooms, and more.  To keep these platforms safe, companies are now hiring Moderators to work from home as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Chat Moderator

Being a Chat Moderator is in great demand because it helps to protect users (members) and instill a positive environment for dialogue and discussions.  There are many more advantages Chat Moderators can provide for the company listed below.

  • Enforce guidelines and policies the company has established.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere to foster community engagement.
  • Prevent spam and fraud (get-rich-quick schemes).
  • Provide timely assistance to customers and users.
  • Help to safeguard and uphold the reputation of the company they represent.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

All of these factors will help the company thrive and essentially stay in business much longer than those who chose not to use Moderators.

Who would be a great candidate as a Chat Moderator?

If you are a person who has a high regard for these kinds of values in a company, you should apply to be a Chat Moderator.  Stay at home moms, students, retirees, those looking for part-time flexible work, people who live outside of the US, and others can also apply.  Work from home jobs in Moderation require little to no experience, may allow you to work and set your own schedule, and offer hourly pay, and perks too!

Here are some of the latest companies hiring chat Moderators to work from home.  You can find more by visiting the weekly job page here or when you join Workersonboard, a special group sharing exclusive work from home content and 40+ additional work from home job leads posted weekly!

Chat Moderator Jobs

Content Moderator

Wattpad is now hiring people to work temporarily (3-6 months) reviewing and moderating stories users have shared on their platform to ensure the content is appropriate.  This particular job does require 1-2 years of previous experience in moderation or content review.  Please be sure to apply fast before this job gets filled.

Peer Support Moderator

Supportiv is seeking individuals to guide, facilitate, and safeguard their 24/7 small group chats.  You can determine your own schedule but you must commit to working at least 5 hours a week.  They are specifically looking for people who can provide judgment-free support on a wide range of topics and have a passion for emotional health and wellness.  Pays $15.50 per hour plus incentives based on time commitment and work performance.  Hiring worldwide!

Engagement Moderators

Officium is now hiring remote workers for Discord moderation at Arise Gaming.  You will monitor user-generated content to identify and address violations, enforce the moderation policies, and provide regular reports of online activity to the company.  They are hiring moderators with 1-year experience, good English skills, and experience moderating on Discord, TikTok, and YouTube.

Chat Moderators

Cloudworkers is looking for English-speaking chat moderators to participate in text-based online chats on one or more social community platforms to maintain the conversation.  You must be 18 with stable Internet, have a good sense of humor, and can work 12 hours a week.  Pays monthly.

Chat Administrator

The Mayeaux Foundation is seeking people to moderate their Discord by deleting messages that violate their rules, banning and muting users with repeat violations, investigating reports, etc.  You must be 18 with a high school diploma.  Pays $14.50 per hour with weekly pay.

Chatroom Operator

Drips is a company with several entry-level jobs to quickly and accurately respond to users in less than 60 seconds in their chatroom.  You will help answer any questions or concerns they have about their products or services.  You will need good computer proficiency, reliable internet, good typing and grammar skills, and familiarity with emojis.  Pays $10 to $13 per hour.

Social Media Content Moderators

LiveWorld is looking for people to review and take action on social media posts, reject and approve content, engage with users online, research customer answers, and other related duties.  This job will require you to have 2-3 years of previous moderation experience, experience with social media tools, dependable phone and internet, and a quiet workspace.  Hires worldwide.

Chatdesk Expert

Chatdesk is seeking people to represent your favorite brands on social media and other platforms to provide the best service for customers, respond to emails and social media messages, resolve customer requests, and provide engaging experiences.  Requires a passion for helping people find solutions, internet access, and English fluency.  Full-time.

Enforcement Specialist 

Hinge is currently looking for someone to review and escalate reported cases by users to keep them safe.  You will also review email reports and provide support to users, answer questions, etc.  You will need empathy, be detail-oriented, be a quick learner, and be capable of handling highly sensitive user issues.  Pays $26 to $31 per hour.

Quality Reviewer

Outplex is seeking remote workers to monitor various communications online to ensure compliance with their rules and regulations.  You will also monitor transactions, and provide feedback to the company.  Requires 2-3 years experience, great communication, exceptional customer service with good listening skills.


ModSquad is looking for people to moderate forums, chat with customers, manage communities, and make a buzz on social media.  You will need a secure and quiet workspace and a fast internet connection.  Choose your own hours.



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