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Looking For a Freelance Writing Gig? Check Out These 9 Sites

When I’m hunting down new work at home job leads, I access many excellent sites to find leads. Some of these sites specialize in posting writing job leads, so I thought I would share the best of those sites that I’ve come across for anyone who writes.

If you’re a writer (or want to be a writer), I already have a long list of many sites you can get paid to write for here. But new writing jobs appear every day from all kinds of sources, not including those.

Some people are looking for writers for short-term projects and then there are several start-up websites & companies that are in search of just a few good long-term writers, and won’t necessarily have ongoing openings. The freelance writing job boards are where you’re most likely to find those positions.

If you want to branch out and start doing more than writing for content sites, you might want to check these freelance writer’s websites for job leads on a regular basis.

Good luck!

Best Places to Search For Writing Job Leads

1 – FlexJobs

This is another major job search site that specializes in leads for people looking for flexible, home-based work. I’ve found some very high-quality writing leads here.

There is a monthly membership fee to access these leads, but I have paid the fee myself, and I have found the lack of scams and quality leads to be worth it.

Plus, there are no ads every displayed on the site!

You can sign up for 14 days for the very low cost of $2.95. Go here to check it out. It’s very easy to cancel if you don’t like it.

2 – Listiller

Listiller is a site that lists daily writing jobs and gigs, compiled from other job boards. It gets daily updates and there are a ton of things posted at any given time.

You can access any of the jobs for free by creating an account. However, they do let you pay for membership if you want to do things like get the jobs sent to your email, bookmarking the jobs you find and want to go back to later, promoting yourself, and so forth.

Again, the fee is optional and you can see the jobs without ever paying it. But, if you really like the site (and it looks great to me!), you might decide to upgrade your free membership for the additional features.

3 – ProBlogger

The ProBlogger Job Board is updated almost every day with new writing and blogging leads. The job board has very easy sorting options so you can quickly see full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.

It’s also very easy to see (at a glance) if something is open anywhere or if you need to be located in a specific country.

ProBlogger is one of the oldest blogs about blogging I’m aware of (having started in 2004), and it’s still a great resource. I check this board almost every time I am looking for job leads to see if there is anything new.

4 – BloggingPro

BloggingPro is another reputable website I’ve been using for years to find writing gigs. They update their board almost daily with new blogging jobs and content writing gigs.

You don’t have to worry about scams with this writing job board because they are very selective with what they accept and charge a hefty fee to companies looking to post jobs. So, no one is going to post anything here unless they are very serious about hiring and paying writers.

5 – Craigslist

I hate to NOT mention Craigslist here because I have found many little gems when it comes to writing gigs.

All you have to do is choose a location, then start searching for the writing jobs. Be sure to check the “gigs” section in addition to the jobs, you will find things there, too.

Be careful though because some people only want to rip you off and get your work for free. It’s sad that people do this, but they do. So be leery of people asking you for original samples before offering payment.

Absolutely anyone can post pretty much anything on Craigslist, so you have to really be on guard.

6 – Freelance Writing Gigs

This site has always been great. There’s a job board and regular blog posts with huge lists of writing gigs. Also, Freelance Writing Gigs sorts the jobs by category (technical writing, copywriting, journalism, etc.).

Be sure to check out the other content on this site as well because it’s very informative and will help you in your freelance writing journey.

7 – Journalism Jobs

If you are looking for media-related and journalism jobs, Journalism Jobs should be one of your regular go-to’s. You can sort the board by type of job (remote or not, newspaper, digital media, and so forth).

They have a featured section prominently displaying the companies that have chosen to pay for exposure that are looking for writers, and an “Industry News” section on their blog that you may find helpful to read regularly while you are on your job hunt.

8 – Upwork

It’s not hard at all to find writing gigs on Upwork. The site has been around for many years, it’s popular, and there are thousands and thousands of clients you could work for who regularly post their gigs here.

On the downside, it’s a “bidding” site, so you have to bid for the work. Depending on the quality the client is looking for, you may get outbid by people who are willing to work for next to nothing.

But, you can get your portfolio built up quickly even if you do have to take on some lesser-paying work first, and this will help you in the long-run.

Still, there’s no shortage of gigs to find here and many veterans of the site have managed to secure regular clients and ongoing work. It’s worth checking into.

The Ways to Wealth has an informative blog post with Upwork tips (coming from someone with first-hand experience), if you want to give that a read.

9 – People Per Hour

People Per Hour is based in the UK and similar to Upwork regarding how it works. You search for clients on the site, send proposals when you find something that seems to be a fit. After you’ve completed the work, you are paid.

Like Upwork, you can build ongoing relationships with different clients here, but again, you may end up losing work to people who are willing to work for less.

However, People Per Hour has been around for a very long time and, like Upwork, there is a LOT of work opportunity here.

10 – Other Ideas

Some other things you should do in addition to keeping tabs on the sites above.

  • Cold Pitching – Yes, just contact companies and websites you think you may like to write for and offer your services. You may get 100 “no” responses, but then you might also get a “yes” if you cast a wide net.
  • Browse Reddit – I love Reddit. I find a ton of helpful information there on basically every topic. And Reddit has a very useful freelance writing sub-Reddit you should be reading if you’re not already! Not just for tips, but for new resources and to find work.
  • Check Larger Job Boards – Indeed and LinkedIn aren’t completely useless, although I will admit it seems the quality of jobs posted for both have gone down lately. Use keywords like “freelance” and “writer” in the search fields to narrow it down to potential work for yourself.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!



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