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ETS Scoring Jobs – Work at Home Scoring Tests!

ETS (Educational Testing Services) is a company that pays people to score tests for various educational institutions both online and on-site, but in this post I’m going to focus on the ETS scoring jobs from home because it’s an interesting way to make some money from home if you’re qualified for it.

The work you do for ETS is very similar to what you do for other test scoring companies that I sometimes post about.

ETS has been around since 1947, and if you work for them, you’ll have the opportunity to score all kinds of tests and assessments, possibly even SAT results.

They are one of the more popular work at home companies hiring for education-based jobs.

ETS Scoring Jobs

How much does ETS pay home scorers?

The pay rate for online scoring depends on the exams you are scoring and your location. However, Glassdoor indicates that the average ranges between $18 and $32 hourly.

This checks out because I looked over a few of the current openings, and the pay (where listed) appears to be in line with that average.

The Glassdoor reviews do mention a lot of pay cuts have happened over the years, and many of their current and former workers were very (understandably) upset about that.

Still, you may not be able to give up your day job for this because the workload will vary at different times of the year, and you may not be able to get all the hours you need. Many Glassdoor reviews from current raters/scorers also confirm this is best for supplemental income for that reason.

The company will pay you for your training time, which is fairly short from what I understand. Typically about one day.

The training pay will be quite a bit less than your pay for scoring (I’m seeing rates of $11 hourly on their website).

How and when does ETS pay?

ETS pays via direct deposit to your bank account twice monthly. They used to pay via paper check, but I’m not sure if they still offer this option.

What are the requirements for ETS scoring jobs?

As stated above, this depends on the tests you’re signing up to score. The vast majority require that you have either past teaching experience, current employment as a teacher, and/or a bachelor’s degree.

Your best bet for determining whether or not you can apply is to visit their list of currently available online scoring opportunities and read the requirements for each one.

Also, according to the ETS website, “All Raters participating in online scoring programs must reside and perform their work within the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. Raters must have authorization to work for remuneration in the United States.”

How flexible are the hours?

With most ETS scoring jobs, you have to pick out shifts to work, so this is flexible. You need to stick to the hours you commit yourself to if possible. Many projects require that you sign up for a minimum of four hours at a time for each shift.

Browsing through the ETS reviews on Glassdoor from former workers, you’ll see complaints regarding scheduling. Many former workers said shifts are inconsistent and canceled without notice.

Do you work for ETS as an employee?

You work for ETS as a “variable employee.” This means that the employer will not be able to determine if you will work more than 30 hours per week every week.

How do you apply for ETS scoring jobs?

If you want to check out what ETS scoring jobs are available and start your application, you can go here to look at their open opportunities.

Additionally, I recommend checking out their FAQ here with lots more detailed information on the position and their hiring process, which can take a few weeks from the time you initially apply.

Also, I’d recommend reading through the most recent Glassdoor reviews, as they are mixed. It’s always good to weigh the pros and cons of any position before applying.

Looking For More Work at Home Jobs In Education?

If so, I’d recommend getting a membership to FlexJobs. They’re awesome because they list hundreds of screened, legitimate remote jobs five days per week that are GUARANTEED to be scam-free.

Another reason I like this site (and you would too) is because there are no ads cluttering things up. You can easily browse to find what you’re looking for. And jobs in the education field that are remote and/or flexible are common and easy to find.

A membership costs $2.95 for 14 days if you want to check it out. The reason they charge is because there are no ads, so it’s the way they are compensated for their time in sourcing the leads for you, where other sites (like mine) rely on ads yet offer their content for free.

If you want to check it out, go here. Canceling is very, very easy if after 14 days you aren’t impressed with it.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!



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