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What Should Be the Right Decision for Your Home?

Our homes play an important role in our lives. Wherever you go, you want to return to your home at the end of the day. They hold our memories, witness our lives unfold, and age with us. But over time, they can become outdated.

Maybe your family is growing, your hobbies are demanding more space, your work-from-home life is settling in, or you simply need a modern, luxurious space. Whatever the reason, revamping your current home is an exciting decision. But the question remains: should you extend or renovate? Though the house extension specialists in London can suggest better options, this article will help you make a final decision.


Renovate or Extend


Renovating What You Already Have

Renovating your existing space gives it new life. It could be anything from a complete kitchen overhaul to a bathroom refresh or a smart home improvement. 

Renovations are ideal when:

  • You love your location and the character of your home.  If you have a beautiful and charming bungalow or a quirky Victorian terrace, extending may disrupt the unique features you adore. 
  • You want a more modern or functional interior. A well-planned renovation can address outdated fixtures, unorganised layouts, or a lack of storage space. 
  • Your budget is tighter. Generally, renovations are less expensive than extensions, especially if they don’t involve major structural changes. 


The Perks and Considerations of Renovation

The biggest perk of renovation is the faster turnaround time. Since you’re working within the existing blueprint, renovation can be completed quicker than an extension, so there will be less disruption to your daily life. Also, obtaining permits is potentially less complicated. Depending on the scope of your renovation, you might not need extensive permits. Finally, for those attached to the history or architecture of their home, renovation allows you to maintain its original charm. 

But there are also considerations:

  • If you desperately want more square footage, a renovation won’t be the right choice.
  • Major structural changes might be cost-prohibitive or even impossible. 
  • Renovating one room might expose problems in another, leading to unplanned work and expense. 


Extending Your Home Space

An extension adds a whole new section to your home and increases your usable square footage. You could build a sunroom, add a second story, or construct a detached granny flat. 

This is the perfect solution when:

  • You need more space. A growing family, a home office, or a dedicated hobby room can be built through extensions. 
  • Your current layout isn’t working for you. Maybe a poorly positioned kitchen hampers your cooking habits, or a cramped bathroom is causing trouble. Extensions allow for a complete redesign.
  • You want a modern, open-plan living space. Extensions can connect indoor areas to outdoor space and create a light-filled and airy feel.


The Benefits and Considerations of Extending

The most obvious advantage of extending is gaining more space. Extensions allow you to add entirely new rooms or enlarge existing ones, increasing the functionality of your space. You can design the extension according to your needs and create a space that perfectly fits your lifestyle. The best thing is that after an extension, your home might qualify for higher resale value. 

However, extensions come with their own set of considerations:


  • Extensions are a bigger project, so expect a higher price tag and a longer timeframe for completion.
  • Depending on the scale and location of your extension, obtaining planning permission can be a lengthy process. 
  • There’ll be groundwork and construction right outside your door. Be prepared for some mess and inconvenience.


How Do You Choose Between These Two Options?

The truth is, there’s no standard answer. Sometimes, the best solution might be a combination of both approaches. For example, you could renovate existing areas to improve functionality and then add an extension to gain that much-needed extra space. 

Some additional factors you can consider:


  • The value of your property. Will a renovation or extension add value to your home?
  • The lifespan of your home. Is your existing structure good enough to support an extension?
  • Your long-term plans. Do you see yourself living in this house for many years to come, or is this just a solution for your current, temporary needs?



Closing Thoughts

The decision to extend or renovate your home is a personal choice. Take your time, explore your options carefully, and consult with professionals who can help you make the best decision. Ultimately, the best choice is the one that makes you happy and creates a space that perfectly fits your evolving needs and requirements. 



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