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19 Juicy Cherry Recipes – Sustainable Cooks

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Cherry season is here, and you’ll LOVE these 19 incredible cherry recipes! From sweets, to savory, to canning, and drinks, you’ll find an incredible cherry recipe here that your family will love.

Canning Cherries

a bowl and jar of canned cherries.
Photo credit: Sustainable Cooks

An easy step-by-step tutorial on Canning Cherries. This recipe for how to preserve cherries is perfect for beginners and experienced canners alike. Instructions include low-sugar and no-sugar options. 

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Chocolate Cherry Brownies

chocolate brownies with a bowl of cherries.
Photo credit: CC’s Table

These fudgy Chocolate Cherry Brownies are loaded with lots of chocolate, extra chocolate chips, and fresh cherries. The tart cherries and rich chocolate make for an irresistible and easy dessert!

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Cherry Jam

jars of cherry jam against a tile background.
Photo credit: Sustainable Cooks

Canning Cherry Jam is a delicious, low-sugar, and fresh-tasting spread for toast, yogurt, or dessert recipes. This homemade cherry jam recipe is an amazing way to preserve the harvest and is a treat for the whole family.

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Cherry Oatmeal Bars

cut oatmeal bars on parchment.
Photo credit: Suburban Simplicity

Try these homemade Cherry Oatmeal Bars made from fresh or frozen cherries! With a sweet, chewy oatmeal crust and topping and a tart cherry filling, these bars are the perfect combination of flavors and textures.

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Cherry Crumble

cherry crisp in a baking dish with a scoop of ice cream.
Photo credit: Sustainable Cooks

This tasty Cherry Crumble will become your go-to dessert! So easy to make, this cherry crisp can be made with fresh, frozen, or canned cherries.

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Chocolate Cherry Muffins

a tray of chocolate cherry muffins.
Photo credit: The Cookin Chicks

Chocolate and cherries combine in these incredibly easy to make Chocolate Cherry Muffins! With bits of cherry throughout a double chocolate muffin, what’s not to love? Enjoy for a morning breakfast, on the go snack, or evening sweet treat!

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How to Freeze Cherries

frozen cherries in a wooden bowl.
Photo credit: Sustainable Cooks

Learn all the tips and tricks for Freezing Cherries to stock your freezer with this amazing healthy fruit. Learning how to freeze cherries is a great way to preserve this delicious summertime crop without needing any special equipment. 

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Cherry Cobbler With Drop Biscuit Topping

a serving of cherry cobbler on a white plate.
Photo credit: Delicious Little Bites

Fresh Cherry Cobbler is a simple, summertime classic dessert recipe. It is the perfect treat to serve to a crowd with an easy-to-make filling and buttery, drop biscuit dough made from scratch.

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Healthy Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

cherry ice cream in a bowl.
Photo credit: An Edible Mosaic

This decadent-tasting Healthy Cherry Garcia Recipe puts summer cherries to perfect use when you want a nourishing sweet treat. The best part is, no ice cream maker required!

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Cherry Vinaigrette

a small dish of cherry viniagrette.
Photo credit: A Sweet Alternative

This cherry vinaigrette is perfect for summer salads or any time you’re in the mood for something a little different. It’s ideal for entertaining when you want to wow your guests with a unique salad. This cherry salad dressing is a must try during cherry season.

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Cherry and Blackberry Chocolate Cheesecake

a chocolate cheescake topped with blackberries and cherries.
Photo credit: A Pinch of Zest

Although dark and moody, this cherry and blackberry chocolate cheesecake will surprise you with its delicate creaminess and bursts of freshness throughout. You get layers of decadent and rich chocolate, twirled in velvety cream cheese, with pockets of fresh and juicy dark cherries and blackberries. 

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French Cherry Clafoutis

A baked cherry Clafoutis in an oval dish.
Photo credit: Masala Herb

Fruity Cherry Clafoutis can be prepared with fresh cherries, canned or frozen cherries.

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Chocolate Cherry Pie

chocolate cherry pie with two slices missing.
Photo credit: Live to Sweet

This Chocolate Cherry Pie has juicy, fresh cherries and chopped dark chocolate in a crisp, flaky chocolate pie crust! I think the two-tone lattice gives it a little pizazz, too!

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Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

cherry cheesecake ice cream in a loaf pan.
Photo credit: Grain Free Table

This homemade Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream has all the flavors with its creamy ice cream, graham crackers, and a sweet and tangy cherry ribbon swirled throughout!

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Cherry Blossom Cookies

pink thumbprint cookies.
Photo credit: Bake it With Love

These cherry blossom cookies are a family favorite treat that combines sweet cherries and rich chocolate candy! They feature cherry-flavored dough that is packed with chopped maraschino cherries and then topped off with a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss!

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Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding

chocolate chia pudding topped with cherries.
Photo credit: Bucket List Tummy

Chocolate cherry chia pudding is an easy, delicious way to use those summer cherries! This vegan breakfast recipe also works great as a snack or dessert. Add whipped cream if you’d like!

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Homemade Cherry Fritters

cherry fritters on a tray.
Photo credit: West Coast Kitchen Garden

Fresh cherry fritters dipped in a simple vanilla glaze might just be the best bite of summer ever. These are naturally sweet, light fritters with juicy bites of ripe cherries.

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Cherry Lemonade

two glasses of cherry lemonade.
Photo credit: Caroline’s Cooking

This cherry lemonade is a brightly colored and brightly flavored twist on the classic. Making it with real lemons and cherries makes the flavors pop, with natural vibrant color as well. Easy, delicious and so refreshing.

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Cherry Walnut Couscous Salad

A couscous salad in a wooden bowl topped with cherries.
Photo credit: The Food Blog

Cherry Walnut Couscous Salad is the newest dish that I want to share with you, because, I’m partnering with BC Tree Fruits to make a recipe featuring fabulous BC Tree Fruits Cherries.

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