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Get paid $35+ Per Hour to Edit Articles for Dotdash Meredith

Get paid $35+ Per hour to Edit Articles for Dotdash MeredithWould you like to work from home and get paid $35 per hour to edit articles?  If so, a well-known employer named, Dotdash Meredith has many Editing jobs available that you can apply for right now.  These kind of jobs are ideal for people looking for non-phone work from home jobs, those with previous experience dealing with content, and individuals seeking full and part-time work.

What is Dotdash Meredith?

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Dotdash Meredith (formerly known as is America’s largest digital and print publisher.  They help to provide content for popular brands like People, Better Homes & Garden, Verywell, Food & Wine, The Spruce, Allrecipes, Byrdie, Real Simple, Investopia, Southern Living, and more.  DotdashMeredith has been in business since 1997 providing timely and up-to-date information that consumers value and benefit from to make better decisions and get inspiration.

A little known fact about Dotdash Meredith.  They have 200 million readers every single month of which 95% are women.

How many jobs does this Dotdash Meredith have?

Currently, they have more than 30 work from home job openings in the following areas.

  • Writer – Writers are expected to handle a high volume of content and conduct interviews.
  • Editor – Editors will be required to edit multiple articles a day and occasionally write for brands as needed.
  • Fact Checker – This position requires you to fact check articles to ensure they are supported by reputable sources, are error-free, accurate, is properly formatted, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Social Content Producer – Candidates hired for this position will be required to post content to social media at specific peak times.  You may also upload and post videos to social channels.
  • Social Content Writer – As a Social Content Writer, you will spend half your time writing and the other half creating/editing/producing TikTok’s and Snapchat spotlights.
  • Social Media Editor – You will be required to execute content across a brand’s social media channels to support traffic and engagement.
  • Photo Researcher – You will source images for all daily stories, execute photo research, process and crop photos, etc.
  • Quality Producers – This job requires remote workers to identify outdated material to restructure the content, find broken links and fix them.
  • Contract Copy Editor – Your job is to help ensure business news online content is well-researched and trustworthy.  You will also edit and publish content.  This job pays $40 to $50 per hour.
  • and more

What are the job requirements?

It varies depending on the job you apply for but Dotdash Meredith is specifically seeking out candidates with previous experience, is comfortable working remotely, can work independently, accurately, and have access to a smartphone, computer, and secure internet connection.

Does Dotdash Meredith hire outside the US?

Yes.  They hire remote workers in the United States and Canada.

How many hours will I be required to work?

The least amount of hours required for part-time work is 15 to 20 hours a week.  Working full-time for Dotdash Meredith will require you to work 40 hours each week.  Please make sure you can log in and work during the hours listed in the job description before you apply.

What’s the application process like?

Once you see a job you are interested in applying for, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the bright red Apply tab.  You will be redirected to the application form that will only take you a minute to complete.  After you have filled out your information, the company will send you an email to check the status of your application.

How do I apply for DotDash Meredith?

You can click here to see all the work from home job openings and apply online today.  Make sure to check back regularly for new job leads posted and updated on their official website.

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