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15 Questions to Ask Before Moving In Together

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Taking the leap to move in with your partner is like deciding to get bangs: exciting, potentially game-changing, and a bit nerve-wracking. You’re not just sharing a Netflix account anymore; you’re sharing a whole living space. This step can deepen your bond, but it’s wise to play some Q&A games before packing those boxes. Here are 15 must-ask questions to help ensure your cohabitation is more bliss than miss.

1. What’s Our Game Plan for Chores?

What's Our Game Plan for Chores


Nobody wants to be the designated dish fairy or laundry gnome all the time. How will you split the not-so-fun stuff? Discussing who does what, when, and how often will help keep your home running smoothly without any resentment brewing. It’s all about finding that chore harmony so neither of you feels like you’re pulling more weight than a gym instructor on leg day.

2. How Do We Handle the Bills?

How Do We Handle the Bills


Let’s talk money without making it weird. Are you splitting everything down the middle or based on income? Decide who’s paying what: from the electricity bill to the Wi-Fi that keeps you binge-watching. Setting clear, fair financial expectations reduces the risk of awkward money moments that could damper your living situation.

3. What Are Our Work Schedules Like?

What Are Our Work Schedules Like


If you’re an early riser and they’re a night owl, knowing each other’s schedules is key. Will you be tiptoeing around in the morning, or are they going to need blackout curtains and earplugs at night? Syncing your daily routines can help minimize disruptions and maximize together-time without stepping on each other’s toes.

4. How Much Personal Space Do We Need?

What Are Our Work Schedules Like


Just because you’re under the same roof doesn’t mean you need to be in each other’s space 24/7. Are you okay with shared workspaces, or do you need a little nook you can call your own? Communicating your needs for alone time can keep the peace and make shared living feel like a treat, not a trial.

5. How Will We Decorate Our Shared Home?

How Will We Decorate Our Shared Home


Will it be minimalist chic, boho vibes, or a mix of both? Settling on a decor style that reflects both your tastes makes it feel like everyone’s home. Plus, decorating together can be a blast; think of it as a test drive for other collaborative projects down the line.

6. What’s the Protocol for Having Friends Over?

What's the Protocol for Having Friends Over


Are you thinking of an open house or an invite-only? Setting expectations for social gatherings can help avoid surprises and ensure both of you feel comfortable with the guest list. Whether it’s quiet dinners or weekend bashes, make sure you’re both on the same page.

7. Do We Have Any Pet Peeves?

Do We Have Any Pet Peeves


Now’s the time to confess if you can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink or shoes left in the hallway. Sharing your pet peeves and listening to theirs can help avoid those little annoyances that might not be so little after living together for a while. It’s all about compromise and respect.

8. How Do We Feel About Pets?

How Do We Feel About Pets


Speaking of pets, are furry friends part of the deal? If one of you has a pet or wants one in the future, you need to talk about pet responsibilities and any allergies or phobias. It’s important that your pad is a pet-friendly zone for all involved.

9. What Are Our Expectations for Meal Times?

What Are Our Expectations for Meal Times


Are you both envisioning shared meals or does someone love to cook while the other is more about takeout? Discussing your food preferences and meal prep responsibilities can make dinnertime delightful instead of a disaster. Plus, cooking together can be a fun way to unwind after a day’s work.

10. How Will We Manage Quiet Times?

How Will We Manage Quiet Times


Whether it’s for working from home, studying, or just unwinding, how will you manage quiet times? Establishing guidelines about noise levels and quiet hours helps ensure that everyone can get their peace and productivity when they need it. Respecting these needs is crucial in a shared space.

11. What’s Our Take on Overnight Guests?

What's Our Take on Overnight Guests


Is your place going to be the go-to crash pad for out-of-town friends, or is it more of a ‘special occasions only’ situation? Talk about expectations and boundaries for hosting overnight guests. This way, no one is surprised when a family member or a buddy wants to stay over.

12. How Long Do We Plan to Live Together?

How Long Do We Plan to Live Together


Is this a trial run, a one-year deal, or are you thinking long-haul? Understanding the duration of your cohabitation can set some groundwork for future plans and expectations. It’s like knowing the length of a movie; you want to be sure you’re up for the whole show.

13. What Are Our Long-Term Relationship Goals?

What Are Our Long-Term Relationship Goals


Where do you both see this relationship going? Are you on the path to a lifelong partnership, or are you keeping things more casual? Aligning your relationship goals can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that moving in together is a step forward for both of you.

14. How Will We Handle Disagreements?

How Will We Handle Disagreements


Even the happiest couples hit bumps in the road. Discussing how you’ll handle disagreements and ensuring you have healthy conflict resolution strategies in place can make those inevitable tough times a lot smoother. Remember, it’s not you vs. them; it’s both of you vs. the problem.

15. Are We Ready for This?

Are We Ready for This


Last but not least, are you both genuinely ready to share your space? Moving in together should feel exciting, not like you’re stepping into the unknown without a map. Make sure you’re both enthusiastic and prepared for this new chapter.

Ready, Set, Cohabitate!

Ready, Set, Cohabitate!


Moving in together can be one of the most exciting decisions in a relationship. By asking these 15 questions, you’re paving the way for a successful and harmonious living arrangement. Keep the lines of communication open, stay flexible, and most importantly, enjoy building a home together.

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