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I’ve Tried Everything and Just Wanna Give Up

“I want to make money from home and help my husband, relieve some of the burden off of him financially. I want to travel a little bit and buy my kids expensive stuff. But I’ve tried so many different things and I have no idea what to do or how to make money. I go around and around in circles and feel helpless to know what to do to change things. Maybe for my husband to relax, I need to just do all the mom and house things first and not make money, but then how will that magically solve all the problems?”

I think that it sounds like you’re getting in your own way. You’re sabotaging yourself. You just need to start something, whatever it is, and keep going on it and don’t give up on it, even if it’s failing or not doing good b/c it will lead to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing and then suddenly, you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

It’s like when I was a kid and I didn’t know what to do at all for a career. My mom told me just to get out there and start trying different things. So, she signed me up for Brownies (like a troop type of thing) and I LOATHED it. Not my thing, so I tried another thing. Hated it. But I kept trying different things and eventually, I found that I really wanted to be a teacher, so I focused on that. I went into banking and started selling on ebay. 

At the time I thought my selling on ebay as a teen was nothing. But today, I make a good money BECAUSE I started that so early. And I didn’t even have a clue when I was doing it. All those things I wanted to be, all those steps I took, learning ebay and selling, learning teaching, learning banking, it all gave me all the skills I have today.

So when you start and just start going, you may not see how important it is for like a decade later, but all the training and things you try, if you stick with them, it will eventually pay off and you’ll find what you love and makes money for you. 

The other thing you mentioned is the mom and house stuff, yes, that’s definitely your priority. God doesn’t ask women to make money, it is our husband’s job. We CAN make money for the reasons you mentioned, which lines up with the Proverbs 31 woman or if God is using us in a different way too, but we can’t let go of our main responsibilities of being a mom and working in the home (or delegating aspects of the home work out).

There’s value in what you’re doing and you ARE making your husband’s life easier by taking care of all those things you are already taking care of. You don’t need to feel like you have to jump on a bandwagon or do something that doesn’t feel good in your heart. God would never ask you to do something that goes against your morals or what you feel is right!  

–> What is something you could do/talk about all day and not get paid for it, but still do it b/c you love it?

Maybe that’s teaching others to homeschool. You don’t have to have older kids to teach it. You can walk along with people and show them how.

Maybe it’s printables, you just LOVE creating them, for your own kids and so you share them with others. 

Maybe it’s writing. You just love to write.

But whatever it is, do something you love FIRST, then find a way to monetize it. Then, if you DON’T monetize it, you still do it, b/c it’s not ABOUT the money for you, but about your passion.

I would blog even if I didn’t earn money from it. I would create printables even if it didn’t make me a dime. I’d talk about God all day long and study with Him all day long, no matter if I’m paid for the wisdom I accumulate or not. Why? Because it’s my passion. I love it!

In fact, I started blogging way back when, not knowing I COULD even make money from it. I didn’t know even know about ads! I knew nothing. But I really love it.

If you DO start a shop, you don’t have to blog. Blogging is a good way to promote a shop, but it’s not mandatory. You don’t have to. You can build a business however you want, according to what works for YOU, is best for YOU, and according to your own unique personality and skills.

And you can give away a lot of free printables in a shop at first to build a list and then sell them later to others. I started my shop giving everything free. I just wanted people to like the stuff b/c I fell in love with printables pretty quickly!

Whatever you do, just take a wise and calculated step forward in whatever direction you think you want to go and don’t overthink it or worry about it.  Just do. You’ll find your way eventually. But sticking with something, is the key! And in order to stick with something, you have to be doing what you love to do, whether paid or free!

The money will come, but your happiness is far more important!!!



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