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Styling All-Black Outfits on a Budget • budget FASHIONISTA

The all-black outfit is a favorite among celebrities of all ages, from Hailey Bieber to Courtney Cox. A-listers routinely step out in the darkest of monochrome outfits for the full range of occasions, from casual to red-carpet formal. And these black-on-black combinations are routinely on point — chic, mysterious, slimming, and elegant.

Celebs almost make styling a black monochrome outfit look easy. Almost.

If you’ve ever combined black pieces from your own closet, you know the truth. The all-black outfit isn’t gorg by default. It can easily turn frumpy and sloppy. Black monochrome ensembles look amazing on leading ladies because their closets are full of designer pieces that fit them perfectly. The reality is, you and I have lesser options to work with, like a black Hanes t-shirt and random black denim shorts.

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There is good news, though. With a few guidelines, you can quickly gain confidence styling photo-worthy, all-black outfits on a budget. Try the six style rules below on for size and say goodbye to monochrome outfit fails for good.

Prioritize fit

A stylish all-black outfit requires at least one piece that follows your shape. It could be a belt, a form-fitting top, a shapely dress, or skinny pants. Scroll through all-black celebrity outfits online and you’ll agree, the best of them have one body-hugging element.

Don’t overthink this, though. The most practical application of the all-black outfit I could think of — what cosmetologists wear — fulfills this rule simply with a belted cape. That’s all you need to eliminate the frump factor.

Go high-low

Teaming high-end pieces with fast-fashion is a common budget fashion strategy that applies perfectly to the all-black outfit. It only takes one investment piece to upgrade a monochrome look from drab to fab. That piece could be a designer belt, moto jacket, logo’d sneakers, or even your sunglasses.

All is not lost if you don’t have high-end pieces on hand, though. You can buy budget items that look expensive, or you can shop used for dramatic, but affordable high-end pieces.

Budget pieces that look expensive

If you have a sharp eye, you can easily fake the high-low style with affordable garments that only look expensive. Start reviewing high-end shops online to get a feel for that designer flair. You’ll see some recurring trends: luxurious fabrics and interesting details like buttons, folds, and pleats.

Now zip over to TJ Maxx and search for similar looks. Pieces like silky camisoles, soft knit tops, and nearly anything with leather are often good choices for high style at low prices.

Shop used for dramatic pieces

Alternatively, you can invest in a few true designer pieces secondhand. See Thredup’s designer page for reasonably priced pieces from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Rag & Bone, Prada, and more.

Pro tip: Shopping secondhand saves money and is more sustainable than shopping mass-produced items. Use this strategy to add character to your outfits and showcase your values.


A single statement accessory can also elevate a monochrome black outfit. Scarves, belts, sunglasses, bracelets, handbags, and earrings are all on the table. You can opt for black accessories or a different color for more visual interest. A bright color will deliver a bold color pop, while a darker color like gray will add nuance and sophistication.  


Leather, knits, silk, sheer, sequins and even chiffon are welcome additions to your monochrome look. Varying textures add depth to an outfit, especially when every piece is the same color.

To avoid rookie mistakes, here are some golden rules of pairing different textures and materials: 

  • Pair smooth silk blouses with rugged denim to balance luxury and casual vibes.
  • Match leather jackets with soft cashmere or wool for added depth and contrast.
  • Combine satin fabrics with matte cotton pieces for a sleek yet grounded look.
  • Mix cozy flannel shirts with structured corduroy pants for a playful yet cohesive ensemble.
  • Team simple textures like suede or jersey with bold fabrics like brocade.
  • Wear delicate lace with robust tweed for a feminine touch.
  • Combine shiny fabrics like satin with more subdued ones like broadcloth for visual interest and balance.

Anchor with a statement

In the absence of a statement jewelry piece, let shoes take that role. Kim K. and Bella Hadid use this strategy — and you can too. A bold lug boot, patent pumps, platform sneakers, or a chunky loafer are great options. Go black or choose a brighter shoe for a bigger statement.

Putting it together: Black monochrome outfit ideas

Let’s wrap with seven all-black outfit ideas to try out today:

  1. Carry a designer handbag with black jeans and a lightweight black tunic.
  2. Wear a fitted v-neck t-shirt with oversized black pants and a black bomber jacket.
  3. Team a black moto jacket with a black jersey dress.
  4. Try black ankle pants and ballet flats with a sequined black sweater.
  5. The LBD with black heels never fails.
  6. Black blazer, silky black top, ankle pants, and loafers. Add a dark grey belt as the focal point.
  7. Black maxi dress, black moto jacket, and black boots can be your A-lister airport outfit. Don’t forget the oversized black tote.

Whether you style your all-black outfit with a used designer piece, a masterful pairing of textures, or sharp footwear, make the look yours by bringing a full dose of confidence along for the ride. In black monochrome, you are dressed like an A-lister — so have fun playing that part.

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