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Shapewear Comfort: Find the Perfect Combination of Support and Style

If you want to elevate your style and boost your self-confidence, invest in a shapewear dress! You should join this popular trend that makes dressing up easier. Shapewear dresses can help you get a flatter stomach and smooth silhouette. Better yet, a shapewear dress will wrap you up in flattering styles. In essence, it is a hero piece that you must have in your capsule wardrobe!

Recently, shapewear dresses have become the most popular type of body-slimming garments. This innovation gives you the perfect blend of support and style. The shapewear dress has a built-in body shaper that is seamlessly sewn underneath. There is no such thing as tracing undergarments on your dress anymore. You may never find this practicality in other types of dresses.

Shapewear dresses are actually designed for all body types. Even so, choosing the best one still requires several considerations, from the right size, quality materials to the brand. To guide your choice, here are five keys to finding the best built-in shaper dress. Make sure you don’t miss even the smallest thing!


Shapewear Comfort

  1. Size

Choosing a shapewear dress is the same as choosing your regular clothes. Size is something you can’t ignore. Especially when it comes to shapewear, the correct size is absolute. Since the built-in shapewear is a tight garment, a size too small can be restrictive. But, a size that is too large will reduce the contouring effect. The key, choose a size that suits your body size.

Some people may think of going down a size to get a stronger slimming effect, but that is not necessary at all. The built-in shaper dress is designed to provide excellent compression while still prioritizing comfort. Going down a size will likely only make you feel uncomfortable because the shapewear will be too tight as well.

Look for shapewear brands that offer a wide range of sizes. Even when you find one, take your time to check the measurement details of the brand itself. Each brand may have different size details. You can also re-measure your body to make sure everything is right. The best fitting size will make your shapewear dress work effectively. It will be comfortable to wear, too.


  1. Materials

Materials have a big influence on slimming results and comfort. Wholesale shapewear is usually offered in certain materials: nylon, spandex or polyester. The shapewear industry widely uses these fabrics because they are light, breathable and stretchy. The combination will definitely bring out a comfortable shaping dress.

Reach for a shapewear dress that can hug you in comfort. It must be made from premium fabrics with fine yarns. Also, consider getting ones made from sustainable materials. It is not only eco friendly, but also anti-irritant on all skin types. Sustainable materials tend to be more durable and smooth. So, they are a more worth buying option.

  1. Features

Shapewear dress compresses your body in comfort to give you flattering curves. The compression will create a smooth silhouette that boosts your confidence. You no longer need to worry about your bumps and lumps. Meanwhile, the tummy control feature can flatten your stomach and sculpt your waistline.

When choosing shaper dresses, look for pieces that allow you to get many benefits. Shapewear dresses with removable bra pads can support your chest better, and are practical for braless styles. Opt for shapewear dresses that provide a butt lift feature to firm and shape a fabulous bubble butt. Don’t underestimate basic features such as adjustable straps and overlapping crotch. These features actually have a big impact on comfort. The right choice allows you to enjoy great benefits in a piece of dress.


  1. Styles

You can definitely choose the best style to elevate your look. But it seems not an easy thing to choose, because built-in shaper dresses come in countless flattering designs. So, you don’t have to feel guilty if you’re a bit greedy about paying for two or three pieces at once!

If you are a beginner, stick to basic designs that can be the basis of every outfit in your wardrobe. A square neckline with a modest cut is a great idea to start with. Timeless and versatile styles can always be relied on for many occasions. You can style a shaper dress in an easy way, either layering it with outerwear or wearing it as a standalone piece.

When you get an invitation to a party, fancy designs are definitely your perfect choice. Reach for a one-shoulder or deep V-neck style to add some glamour. Team it with high heels and minimalist jewelry. Now get ready to be the life and soul of the party all night long!


Shapewear Comfort

  1. The Best Shapewear Brand

The ultimate key to finding the best shapewear dress is actually sticking to the best brands. If you can find the best brand, you will definitely get all the above. Waistdear is the most recommended shapewear brand amidst the many offers on the market. And, thousands of customers around the world agree!

Waistdear offers shapewear, slimming bodysuits, shaper dresses and all kinds of the best shapewear for more than 12 years. Their business covers more than 150 countries and continues to grow. Waistdear offers wholesale prices for all their high quality shapewear. Thus, they can also be a trusted shapewear vendor if you want to start your own shapewear business.

As a leading brand in the shapewear industry, Waistdear prioritizes comfort. They also encourage women to be more confident with their natural curves. Hence, all shapewear is designed with care, so you can get a balance of sculpting benefits and comfort. Waistdear is the perfect choice for every woman to look and feel better!



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