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Top Phrases That Get People to Buy

If you’re going to make money blogging, you need to think of yourself like a store. Do you know the top phrases that get people to buy?

Think about a store starting from the ground up. When a brand new store is coming to a street near you, what does the process look like?

First, they usually send a postcard to all the people in the area alerting them that the store is coming soon.

Next, they start the construction phase. Then, once the store is built, they start stocking shelves and hiring employees.

A store would not open to the public until it’s shelves are completely stocked. In the same way, you don’t want to open your brand new blog until YOUR blog is stocked. You should have at least 20-30 posts live and active BEFORE you ever set your blog to be live.

Next, a store sends a follow up postcard to its community, announcing the store is now open, and usually giving them a coupon off their first purchase.

When you open your blog to the world, you should announce it everywhere, and have your newsletter subscribe all set up and ready to give out for free.

And while you SHOULD NOT sell ANYTHING on your blog until you have at least 50,000 pageviews per month (for many reasons), once you ARE able to sell, again looking at stores and what they do, you can bring those principles to what you do as a blogger.

There are some great phrases that sell, trigger words and top phrases that get people to buy. Just be sure that whatever you are selling is morally sound and is something you can stand behind whole-heartedly. After all, this is your name on the line and you always want to be found selling with complete integrity.

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Top Phrases That Get People to Buy

Here are some popular phrases that get people to buy, buying trigger words, if you will, that will help increase your sales…

  1. Inventory won’t last long
  2. Be one of the few
  3. Only available to subscribers
  4. Best deal all year
  5. Would you be interested in…
  6. Best sellers
  7. Best deal of the year
  8. Biggest sale of the season
  9. Biggest sale of the year
  10. No one can beat our prices
  11. Guaranteed
  12. Imagine…
  13. Buy one, get one free
  14. Tested
  15. Be the first
  16. Closeout sale
  17. Bonus
  18. Going out of business sale
  19. When I started using this… (list a benefit)
  20. Hassle free
  21. Doorbuster deals
  22. Everything must go
  23. Ironclad
  24. Lifetime
  25. Small investment
  26. Hurry or everything will be gone
  27. Let me take care of that for you
  28. I’d be happy to solve this for you
  29. Exclusive
  30. Factory deals
  31. …for pennies a day
  32. New
  33. Half off
  34. Save 50% on additional
  35. Get this deal here only
  36. Mega sales
  37. Massive liquidation
  38. One day only
  39. Online sale only
  40. Only 10 available
  41. Protected
  42. Only 4 left
  43. Now
  44. Only available online
  45. All the bells and whistles
  46. Savings won’t last long
  47. Best selling
  48. Proven
  49. Cancel anytime
  50. Offer
  51. Secret Sale
  52. Results
  53. Refund
  54. Invitation only sale
  55. Members only
  56. Premiere
  57. Complete
  58. Pulled some strings to offer
  59. Get them while they last
  60. These deals won’t last
  61. Time is running out
  62. Join us
  63. Free trial
  64. Unbelieveable discounts
  65. While supplies last

The five most persuasive words in the English language are:

  1. You
  2. Because
  3. Free
  4. Instantly
  5. New

The five best positive sales words to use in copywriting are:

  1. Discover
  2. Share
  3. Increase
  4. Create
  5. Promote

Short Term Sales Pitches

Many sales are pitched toward being a short term sale and use catchy sales phrases. The intention is to increase the likelihood of a buyer making a quick and firm decision. Do they want your product or not. If they do, they need to hurry and get it, because it won’t be at that price or available for very long.

This is a huge marketing strategy that is very good at getting people to decide quickly and purchase.

Some bloggers even put a countdown timer for how long the product is available. This helps show a potential buyer how much time they have to decide.

Low Pricing Sales Pitches

Another marketing strategy is to price the product lower than any of your competitors. However, I personally feel, this is a huge misstep.

Buyers generally don’t appreciate or value your product or service if it is lower priced. I learned this very important strategy while selling on eBay. I used to price my items lower than anyone else and while I got a lot of sales, I found that I was working a lot harder than I felt I needed to. So, I began pricing my items higher than any other competitor and was the highest paid eBay seller in my niche and ranked in the top 5 most sales on any given day.

The trick to asking a higher price, is to POUR ON THE VALUE!!! It must be top-of-the-line best product ON the market in order to ask a more premium price. In my personal experience, this has always served me much better than producing a lower quality produce and selling cheap…and a huge bonus, you work less too!

Remember to always try to give something free with your product and clearly state WHY it is a better option than other items currently on the market. Be sure that your potential buyer knows exactly what buying your product will “fix” for them. Whether it adds time, value, money, etc. to their life, you must be clear in your marketing strategy exactly why they should buy and why they should buy from YOU.


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