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10 Things I Stopped Buying to Simplify My Life

Do you think your life is complicated? Do you find yourself rushing around and always running out of time to get these done? Do you wish things were just a bit easier?

You’re not alone. 

According to YouGov, “More than three in ten (31%) Americans say that if they could wave a magic wand and fully simplify one part of their life, [finances] would be it” [source]. There is a clear connection between how we spend our money and the stress we feel in our lives.

We know we should make wise choices with our money, but oftentimes we still buy things we don’t really need. 

When I stopped buying these 10 things, I was able to simplify my life. You can, too.

1. Stuff that Clutters the House

Here’s something I learned – just because I have money to buy something, doesn’t mean I should. Much of the stuff I could afford, such as sentimental knickknacks, found their way into my home. Before I knew it, every surface was covered in nostalgic clutter, not to mention dust that needed to be cleaned. Every time I entered my house, I felt overwhelmed and felt the need to clean. As a result, I learned that a cluttered home equals a cluttered mind.

Now, when I am shopping and see something that I can afford, I don’t immediately add it to the cart. I consider whether it will spark joy in my life and what the real cost is. It comes down to this: Do I need it or it will simply add clutter to my home? If it adds clutter, it no longer comes into my home.

2. Cheap Products

Have you ever heard someone say, “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”? This well-known saying is packed with truth. Let’s use clothing as an example. Sure, you can purchase two sweaters at the big box store for the price of one designer sweater. However, will those two sweaters last more than one winter season? Probably not. 

Cheaply made goods may seem like a smart shopping choice at the moment because of price, but in the long-term, that purchase can end up costing you when you have to replace those items sooner than you expected. It is wiser to buy one well-made item than two cheaply made ones. 

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3. Home and Seasonal Decor

We love home decor, don’t we? So it’s not a shocker to discover the home decor market is a $200 billion industry [source]. But unless you have a big budget and a huge home, you likely don’t have the space to store and stock up on home decor for every season and holiday. Simple, yet elegant designs, can cost hundreds of dollars.

Rather than spending all that money on the latest home decor trends each new season, do it yourself! There are so many cute, inexpensive DIY craft ideas for home decor. Check out 11 DIY Dollar Tree Home Decor Crafts to get some ideas.

4. Cable TV Subscription

When you sit down to watch TV, do you waste time searching through your cable channels for something to watch? Do you mindlessly click through show after show hoping to find an interesting program? You’re not the only one. There has to be a better way, right?

Instead of browsing endlessly and spending a big chunk of change on cable, consider cutting the cord and subscribing to a streaming service that offers the content you actually want to watch. These days, we want to watch what we want on our schedule, which makes streaming services a good option and they can be significantly cheaper than cable TV subscriptions.

Use Trim to Cut Unnecessary Subscriptions

Take advantage of Trim if you don’t have the time to cancel your subscriptions one by one. Trim is a computer program that analyzes your spending habits and finds ways to save you money, including canceling old or unused subscriptions, such as cable. Trim also identifies recurring payments and asks if you want to keep the service or cancel it. 

Please note that Trim takes their payment immediately. For example, if Trim saves you $10/month, they will request their 33% fee ($40) right away. But you keep 100% of the savings after that.

Sign up for Trim to stop wasting money on subscriptions you don’t need.

5. Aerosol Sprayers

Aerosol sprayers are not only bad for the environment, but they are also bad for your wallet. The EPA reports, “Ounce for ounce, spray-on product sold in aerosol cans is roughly twice the cost of bulk product. You pay for propellants in every aerosol can you purchase. Most aerosol cans contain 10-15% propellant by weight” [source]. 

Quit paying for propellants and pay for what you need. You can help save the environment and your bank account by switching to reusable spray bottles, like the Flairosol: The Original, Continuous Ultra Fine Mist Spray Bottle, Multi-Tasking Marvel for Hair, Skin, Home, Pet Care, and More.

6. Foods With Excess Packaging

Single-use food packages are so cute, aren’t they? They might seem convenient, but are they really? They are more expensive, and your trash can fills up quickly because of them. Consider yogurt. You can purchase single-serve yogurts or the large container. Not only will you save as much as five times by buying the large container [source], but you can also choose your portions and use your dishes, so you aren’t filling up your trash can unnecessarily. 

When you go grocery shopping, keep this in mind. What foods can you purchase that take up less space in your kitchen and trash can? Fruit and vegetables, or foods that aren’t individually packaged. Notice anything? Foods with less packaging tend to be better for you!

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7. Empty Calories are Expensive Calories

Speaking of foods that are better for you, it’s time to think about all the empty calories you consume and how they are making your life more difficult. We get empty calories mainly from eating candy, chips, processed foods and drinking soda. These foods and drinks offer little to no nutritional value. As a result, people tend to overeat and gain weight … and that will not simplify anything!

Instead, shop wiser. Nuts, seeds, and fruits are nutrient-dense snacks that will help keep your hunger at bay. Broccoli, spinach, salmon, sardines, and Greek yogurt are other nutrient-dense foods to keep on hand. Look for healthy foods that won’t have you feeling hungry an hour after eating.

$5 Meal Plan Makes Dinner Decisions Easy and Inexpensive

Cooking at home is great, but many say planning dinner every night is the worst! If this sounds like you, there is a simple solution: The $5 Meal Plan. You won’t have to worry about what to cook, what ingredients to buy, or how to cook the meals. The $5 Meal Plan is a weekly service that sends you the recipes, a detailed shopping list, and recipes. They do the thinking for you, so all you have to do is follow the plan. Each meal will cost around $2 or less.

Get started with a $5 Meal Plan so you can eat better for less.

8. Plastic Sandwich Baggies

If it isn’t already clear, I love reusable products. You probably already tote reusable bags when you shop for groceries, so why not use reusable bags in other areas of your life. One of my favorites is reusable sandwich bags. I stopped buying plastic sandwich bags when I realized how much simpler it is to use reusable ones.

Reusable sandwich bags are better for the environment. The plastic bags will not be filling up landfills, and you will reduce your carbon footprint. If that is not enough of an incentive, reusable sandwich bags will also save you time and money.

9. Plastic Food Containers

I finally stopped buying plastic food containers when I discovered glass. My glass containers are superior to plastic ones. My plastic containers were constantly getting stained, would warp in the microwave, and couldn’t go in the dishwasher. You don’t have to worry about lingering stains or smells with glass containers. Plus, you can wash them in the dishwasher.

The benefits of switching to glass food containers are similar to using the reusable sandwich bags. You will save money, they will last longer, and the glass will not melt in the microwave (and it will dry in the dishwasher, unlike plastic).

10. Any Single-Use Kitchen Gadget 

Do you own several different single-use kitchen appliances? These take up a lot of space and require more time and effort to clean and store than their multi-use counterparts. For example, why one a separate rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker when you can own an Instant Pot that does all three? Or trade your separate stand mixer, food processor, and meat grinder for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer that does the work of all of these.

Kitchen appliances that are multi-taskers will reduce clutter in your kitchen and simplify your life.

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