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Apple Work from Home Jobs

Does Apple have work from home jobs? You bet!

Apple work from home program is a legitimate way to work remotely. In fact, it’s quite popular in the world of work from home — and for good reason.

For starters, Apple was the first American public company to cross the major $1 trillion in market value. Impressive, right? And then there’s the cult-like popularity of their many products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and AirPods.

Who wouldn’t want to work for one of the largest most popular companies in the world? And, what’s even better, you can work remotely as part of the Apple work from home jobs team.

Before you get excited and start thinking, “Sign me up,” a little background info is definitely needed. Remember, not all work from home jobs are created equal. And, just like any job opportunity, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed.

Here’s what you need to know about Apple work from home jobs, including available job titles, restrictions, requirements, benefits, and of course tips on how to get hired!

At Home Advisor at Apple

The first big question you probably have is, “What work from home jobs are available at Apple?” The main jobs Apple has for remote workers is through their At Home Advisor Program. An At Home Advisor is part of AppleCare, which is Apple’s very own customer service department. In other words, they are remote customer service jobs.

If you’ve ever called Apple needing help with anything from iTunes to rebooting your iPad, you’ve spoken to a representative in the Customer Care Department. And, chances are, the person on the other end of the line is working from their home office instead of a cramped cubicle.

What Kind Of Customer Service Issues Will I Deal With As An At Home Advisor?

It depends. As an At Home Advisor, your job is to respond to customers’ questions — which can range from general inquiries about products to more in-depth queries regarding tech support.

At Home Advisors are able to help Apple customers via phone, email or chat, depending on the issue.

Do I Need To Be An Apple Product Expert To Become An At Home Advisor?

The short answer? No! Although customers can call in to ask questions about any Apple product or accessory, it doesn’t mean every At Home Advisor must know everything about all things Apple. You will have the chance to learn the full product line during training, but are not expected to handle support issues for all products at any given time.

However, you should definitely be an Apple enthusiast. In fact, the job description specifically states:

Be the voice of Apple, helping customers with live support by phone, chat, or email. On this team, you’ll share your passion for Apple products and services as you build relationships with customers, partners, or program members. 

Is This Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal? Will I Actually Be Employed By Apple?

The Apple Work From Home Team can be both full-time and or part time. During the holidays hiring definitely ramps up. Think of all the people receiving iPads, Macs, and AirPods between November-January. Many will require some type of support as they setup their new products!

Whether seasonal, full time or part time, all At Home Advisors are employed directly by Apple.

Do Apple Work from Home Jobs Have Benefits? What About Pay?

Absolutely! Both full time and part time Apple Work From Home employees receive benefits, which include paid time off, health insurance, 401(k) and more. Oh, and did I mention that all employees receive products discounts?!?!

Apple doesn’t share the pay rate directly on its work from home jobs listings. However, current and former at-home advisors report starting rates around $16.00 an hour.

Do I Need A Home Office?

Yes! A home office is part of working from home for Apple. Your office should have a door that closes so it can remain quiet and distraction free during work hours.

Other Apple work from home office requirements include:

  • Desk
  • Ergonomic chair
  • High speed internet connection with at least 5 megabits download and 1 megabit upload speeds

Not sure about your current internet connection? Use a free service, like Speed Test, to figure out your upload and download speeds.

What About A Work Computer?

Apple has got you covered. As an Apple Work From Home Advisor you are issued an iMac and headset. For free! Remember, this is for work only.

Will I Receive Training?

Of course. All new hires go through paid training as part of the Apple Work From Home Advisors team. The entire training program lasts between 5 and 7 weeks and is completed virtually with a live instructor. Training is comprehensive and includes topics like:

  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Specific Apple product lessons
  • Customer service and support

Once training is complete, you’ll be ready to take on live customers using Apple’s unique approach to customer service.

And, don’t worry, training takes place at your home office using the company-provided iMac!

I’ve Never Used A Mac Before. Does That Matter?

Not necessarily. However, it is beneficial if you have previous Mac experience or familiarity with other Apple products. Remember, in Apple work from home jobs ads it specifically states “share your passion for Apple products…” It’s not technically a requirement to use them but it clearly helps!

Keep in mind, experience troubleshooting other operating systems, like Windows, and a willingness to learn about Macs allows you to still be considered for the program.

What Hours Will I Work?

That depends on the schedule you sign up for. But, remember, this is a customer service and support position. That means Apple Work From Home Advisors are expected to work evenings, weekends, and even major holidays. Don’t forget – Apple customer service is available 24/7/365.

I’m Interested in Apple Work from Home Jobs. How Can I Be Sure I’m Right For The Job?

If you love technology and enjoy helping people, this is a great fit for you. An ability to troubleshoot problems, offer resolutions, and work independently are all musts. Remember, a love for Apple products isn’t a prerequisite, but it certainly helps!

Awesome. Where Can I Apply?

Head on over to the Apple At Home Advisor Career Page. There, you can learn more about the Apple Work From Home Program and search current job openings.

Note: Jobs will have an associated city and state. However, that does not matter. Support positions are remote and available throughout the US.

What’s The Application Process Like?

The first thing you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID. If you don’t have, you can easily create one.

From there, you can apply via LinkedIn or upload a resume. After that, you’ll go through a series of questions to make sure you’re able to get the job done. Questions cover topics like:

  • Internet speed
  • Home office set up
  • Previous customer service experience
  • Availability

These questions are used to determine whether or not you have the basics needed, i.e., experience and home office capabilities, to be successful.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Have a home office ready to go ahead of time. It places you ahead of competition and shows you’re serious about remote work!

How Can I Increase My Interview Chances?

Great question! Today, many big-name companies, like Apple, use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to find the best candidates.

ATS is a recruiting software that streamlines the hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers. When you, the job seeker, upload your resume it goes through the ATS. From there, the person in charge of interviewing and hiring uses the ATS to narrow down resumes from hundreds to a much more manageable number. To do that, they search resumes for keywords.

This means you need to make sure your resume has the right keywords in order to get found. If you don’t have the right keywords, your resume will never be seen by human eyes.

How To Keyword Optimize Your Resume

The good news is it’s relatively easy to keyword optimize your resume. The keywords you need to get found are hiding in plain sight! All you have to do is look to the job ad itself.

You see, the job listing employers place online are basically them describing their ideal employee. To make yourself the perfect fit, you simply need to pull the right keywords from the ad and place them strategically in your resume.

Easy, right?

It is. Just remember, only place keywords that are relevant to you and your experience on your resume. That is, no fibbing. If a company specifies candidates must have Photoshop knowledge and you don’t, it’s not okay to place Photoshop under your Skills Section just so you’ll fool the ATS.

How Do I Identify Keywords?

At first glance, keywords might not jump out at you. And, that’s okay. It can take a little practice to figure out what words need to make it to your resume and which don’t.

Fortunately, there’s an easy-to-use online tool that takes the guesswork out of resume optimization. It’s called JobScan.

JobScan To Optimize Your Apple Work From Home Resume

JobScan analyzes your resume against a job ad. Then, JobScan provides a report telling you how closely your resume matches the ad. In other words, JobScan lets you know how well you meet the ‘perfect candidate’ criteria.

Generally, you want to shoot for an 80% match or better. If you fall short, that’s okay. JobScan will give you pointers and tips to improve your resume.

You can use JobScan for free for up to 5 scans a month.

Apple Work From Home: Optimize your resume to increase your interview chances!

Find And Land Apple Work From Home Jobs

There you have it — how to find (and land) yourself a job with Apple that lets you work from home. Remember:

  1. Search current job openings via their At Home Advisor Page
  2. Login using your Apple ID (Don’t have one? You can create one here)
  3. Optimize your resume to the ad using JobScan
  4. Upload your keyword optimized resume and answer the questionnaire

And, as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Hit me with them in the comments below. You’ve got this!



P.S. This post contains affiliate link. Check out my disclosure statement for more details.



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