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I’m struggling with not coming to the Lord when I really need him

Our society loves to push their worldly agenda on us, don’t they? And one of those agenda’s is how we don’t need anyone else. How WE can do everything on our own, we don’t need help. If we are not superwoman, carrying the entire world with one hand, we are worthless.

Well, guess what? 

That ideology is utterly wrong! 💯

God never intended for women to do everything themselves. It’s Satan’s intention to tire us out so much that we wear ourselves so thin, we are no good to anyone! 

Here’s how to fight it. If you’re saying to yourself, “I’m struggling with not coming to the Lord when I really need him“, there’s hope! 

One audience member says:

I’m struggling with not coming to the Lord when I really need him. I always think I can do everything myself, and I forget He is there for me through my struggles and triumphs.

We’re on top of the world. We just crushed one of our goals, and man, are we proud of ourselves. “Look at what I just did, wow!” Time to celebrate with the latest over-the-top fancy iced latte with oat milk, exotic flavoring, and extra organic sprinkles flown in from a remote island. It’s going to be an epic Instagram picture, am I right? 😂

You’re on top of the mountain. Full stop. Where’s God, is He included – even invited to your ‘gram-worthy celebration? Did you even send Him a personal DM invitation? Come on, be honest.

Who do you call when you feel unstoppable? That you made one giant leap forward. Your BFF, a spouse, or your mom, perhaps? What about God? Has He been part of this all along, or is He an afterthought? I mean, if you’re doing superstar-level things on your own, you must, on some sweet level at some point think, “I can do everything myself without God!”

Compare this with a time when you got the call you wished was only a horrific nightmare. You answered your phone only to hear, “I’m sorry, she’s gone.” The phone falls out of your hand. In an instant, you learned that you lost your beautiful sister. Lives changed forever. How could this be? “It’s not fair to lose her so early,” you scream through tears.

You’re at the lowest point in your life. There’s a gaping hole in your heart, and no one can fill it. Was your first thought to run to God, or is the opposite true? Are you mad at God – you want nothing to do with Him; you’re angry; He did this to me. You feel let down. So from now on, you think, “I can do everything myself without God.”

These hypothetical examples are illustrations that hopefully jarred your thinking! Woke you up from mindlessly (and selfishly) going through the ups and downs of each day. Can you relate to one scenario over the other – which example speaks the loudest to you?

There are underlying reasons we don’t go to God straight away in each scenario. It could be more than one thing. He’s invisible; perhaps He feels far away. Or we don’t trust Him. Nothing seems to be going our way, so therefore, He’s untrustworthy. It’s simple to rationalize our excuses with closed Bibles.

When tempted to think, “I can do everything myself without God,” is there anything we can do?

How about starting each and every day WITH God? It’s ok if you don’t have 90 minutes or even 9 minutes.

But do you have 9 seconds?

Could we agree to set you a realistic goal – to devote 9 seconds to God every morning (without fail)?

And if you believe you can find 9 seconds, would you be willing to kick that commitment up a notch – if I showed you how? Would you be willing to go to God for 9 seconds TWICE a day?

Can you handle 18 seconds a day – if I showed you how, of course?

Did I just hear something crash, lol? Because I think the weight of not knowing what to do may have just fallen off your shoulders.

Let me explain. You may have been part of Bible studies, and even FB groups and so forth where you heard you have to spend at least 20 minutes a day with God, or it doesn’t count. And that’s why you’re struggling in your faith. Ouch, that’s a downright awful thing to hear and believe.

I’m here to meet you where you’re at. I’m about to equip you with words you can use to (a) help you remember that God is always with you and (b) help you move away from thinking, “I can do everything myself without God.”

The 9 Second Rule

You’ve heard of the 5 Second Rule, right? Now I want you to think about the 9 Second Rule. I mean, if we’re willing to put food in our bodies that’s been on the floor for 5 seconds (uhm…ewww), could we agree that we can give God 9 seconds?

Glad to hear we have a deal! 😊

Here’s how you can implement The 9 Second Rule this very minute.

Right now – say, “God, thank you for being with me right now. I’m sorry I forget that way too often. Help me to go to You first.”

Wowza – that’s it – 9 seconds is up.

Ready to go from 9 seconds to 18 seconds?

Try these 9 second prayers on for size. In no time you can train your brain to remember that God is with you ALL. THE. TIME.

9 Second Prayers

When you open your eyes first thing in the morning, say, “God, thank you for being with me all night and for waking me up. Help me to stay in touch with You all day.” 

Good news comes in, “God, thank you for directing every event in my life. Show me ways I can praise You more for your goodness and kindness each day.”

Oh no, here comes the bad news. “God, I praise You; You know everything. Even though I don’t understand, I trust this is part of Your plan. Please help me stay focused on You through it all.”

Now, your turn.

It’s time for bed. What will your 9 seconds sound like?

Your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night. You’re in the rocking chair; God is with you. 9 seconds, go ahead – you got this. 🥰

Poof, the day is gone. How did you do? Were you able to find two times to pray a 9 second prayer?

I knew you could!

Consider the 9 Second Rule like a crutch, that can literally help you walk out your faith. That even though God is invisible, He’s still with you every second of every day.

It’s a tool to help you move from, “I can do everything myself without God” to “I need God every second of the day. I can’t do anything without Him.”



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