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SVG Image For Free – Believe in the Lord Saying

Are you looking for a cute way to share some godly encouragement?

If so, you’re going to LOVE what I’ve created for you today! 😊

Remind yourself and those around you to always ‘believe in the Lord‘ with this gorgeous SVG image for free.

SVG Image For Free – Believe in the Lord Saying

I’m sure you’ve spotted by now that I ADORE designing and creating SVGs, especially those that encourage faith and trust in God!!

To believe in the Lord is not just something we think in our minds, TRUE belief is felt in our heart and deep down in our core. To believe is to TRUST in God wholeheartedly. We must believe so powerfully in God that we are prepared to commit our lives to Him, giving Him absolutely every corner of our lives and heart and live the way we know He wants us to live.

That is something worth reminding people of on a daily basis! 🥰

Faith doesn’t always come easy, especially in tough trials, but with support and encouragement we can choose to trust God and believe in the Lord through the happy times AND the dark times. Belief allows us to trust where He is leading us, even when it doesn’t make sense and it’s not what we think we want or need.

Ready to use it?

This super cute SVG is a pretty blue color with an adorable cloud design. Here’s a few fun ideas for ways you can use this free SVG image:

  • Cut it out on vinyl and place it on physical goods like mugs, glasses, clothing, cushions, tote bags, etc.
  • Print and frame the design and hang it as gorgeous wall art decor.
  • Print it on sticker paper and use for Bible study plans, notebooks, journals, planners, crafts, cards, and more.
  • You could create any of the items above and give them as beautiful gifts to family, friends, church members, etc.
  • …and any other creative ideas you can come up with!!

Seriously, there are unlimited ways you can use this Christian SVG cut file. 

I pray that this SVG encourages you each day to continue to believe in the Lord. 🥰

Download the SVG Image For Free – Believe in the Lord Saying here.



Need help uploading your SVG into Cricut? Click here to see our full tutorial!



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