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Black and White Doodle Cash Envelopes

Are you trying to save some extra cash for vacations, a down payment, or anything special you have coming up?

Or maybe you are trying to get better at sticking to a budget and clearing out that debt!!

Then you will love these super ADORABLE black and white doodle cash envelopes!

Black and White Doodle Cash Envelopes

Having a budget in place is not only smart to do because you should know where your money goes, but God also tells us that we should be wise stewards of what He has given us, including our finances.

Making a budget doesn’t have to be too hard either, In fact, I’ve got ya covered where you can read all about creating a budget here! I’ve also got a really helpful Budgeting Money Binder in the shop I made just for you! Check it out!!

Once you have that plan in place, you are ready to print out these adorable black and white inspired cash envelopes and start today!

What is so great about these is you can leave them black and white to match your style, or color them in with your favorite bright colors. I would personally LOVE to color these in pink, yellow, blue, and green. How cute would that look??? 🥰

Need some inspiration on how exactly to use these cash envelopes? Don’t worry, here are some good ideas for you…

  • Save up for something BIG – vacation, car, down payment, furniture, etc.
  • Teach your kids about saving money by giving them chores and allowances
  • Pay off a debt by putting extra cash in here
  • Use for bills or groceries to pay cash
  • Have extras? Print and let your kids use them as free coloring pages

Black and white doesn’t have to be dreary – let these cute heart and swirl doodle cash envelopes get you excited about saving money! Enjoy! 🥰

Download the Black and White Doodle Cash Envelopes here.





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