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Meaningful Work-at-Home Jobs Helping People

If you’re looking for jobs helping people, keep reading! We have a list of nine meaningful work-at-home careers, you’ll want to explore!

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved helping people. Whether it was giving my friends a snack at lunch, making a card for someone who wasn’t feeling well, or helping out my grandfather. For me, it was the one way I knew I could make a difference. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to grasp the fullness that it brings to my life.

Meaningful Work-at-Home Jobs Helping People.

When I was in college, I started volunteering at a local soup kitchen located within walking distance of my campus. There was NO better feeling in the world than the volunteer work I did at that shelter. I left with this overflowing feeling of complete and utter fulfillment.

I remembered this feeling and pursued it 12 years later as an educator. When my little ones came, my husband and I did all that we could to pave the way for me to stay home so I could do what I loved the most – be with our kids. Thankfully, with a lot of sacrifices, we made that dream come true!

About a year into staying home, I began to wonder how I could start to earn money and better yet, continue to help others while making money! It wasn’t long before I found the perfect answer – great combinations of meaningful work that allowed me to stay home and add some income to our family’s tight budget.

If you’re like me and love finding ways to help others but DON’T love your 9-5 routine, we have the perfect solution for combining the best of both worlds!

Below, we outline some amazing work-at-home jobs that will not only pay your bills but will also focus on helping people right at their core.

1. Provide Childcare from Home

When my oldest was a baby, we were super tight with money, and working from home wasn’t a possibility. However, we also knew that we didn’t want to send him off to a huge daycare facility.

I began to look for moms who, like me, needed money but were able to stay home. It wasn’t long before we found a wonderful family on the next street who was looking for an opportunity to care for kids in their home!

If you love taking care of kids, but DON’T love the idea of trudging out to work every morning, why not care for kids in your own home? With this work-from-home position, you can set your hours, establish your pay scale, and determine how many children you would like to care for.

There’s also the sweet benefit of having constant play dates for your little ones as you make money caring for others.

If this sounds like an amazing work-from-home job to you, check out some of the following things you’ll want to think about to get started:

  • Get organized: Decide how many kids you would like to take care of, a schedule, and your pay rate (weekly, biweekly, monthly).
  • Get First Aid/CPR certified.
  • Depending on state regulations, you’ll want to research licensing requirements.

Where to Find Clients

Besides advertising through word of mouth or locally posting information about your new biz, there are a few popular websites that cater to both families and businesses that offer caregiving services.