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Getting Real with Jessica Blood

Within minutes of speaking with Jessica Blood, a founder and managing partner at PlanWise
Financial Group, it’s clear that being relatable and real are qualities that matter more than ever to her and her clients. Like so many women during the pandemic, she’s been perfecting her juggling skills as she runs a flourishing practice, homeschools her two children through COVID-19 distance learning, and onboards her husband, who has recently joined as the firm’s chief investment officer. Balancing it all with virtual client meetings has revealed an unexpected silver lining—even greater authenticity that’s breaking down barriers for her and her clients, resulting in deeper, more meaningful relationships.

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re introducing our Valiant Women of Commonwealth series, celebrating advisors who are striving to make a difference—and thriving while doing it. In this conversation with Commonwealth’s Christin Clohosey, program manager in Practice Management, Jessica talks about new growth opportunities emerging during the pandemic and why there’s never been a better time for women in this industry. Watch the video to learn more about Jessica’s journey.

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