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Weekend Reading For Financial Planners (May 13-14)

Enjoy the current installment of “Weekend Reading For Financial Planners” – this week’s edition kicks off with the news that a recent study found that clients of advisors providing comprehensive planning services are significantly more satisfied than those receiving a lower tier of service. The study also highlighted the importance of advisors taking the time to build trust with clients and to understand a client’s goals and needs, as this can not only differentiate an advisor from those providing purely transactional investment advice, but also could promote client retention, even in years of poor market performance.

Also in industry news this week:

  • Why industry groups representing investment advisers and others have blasted an SEC proposal that would significantly expand its Custody Rule
  • A new study suggests that organic client growth and profit margins are the key factors driving RIA valuations, with the firm’s affiliation model having little to no impact

From there, we have several articles on cash flow:

  • How the inflation-adjusted ‘net price’ that parents and students pay for college has remained largely unchanged in the past 15 years despite increases in ‘sticker prices’ that well exceed the broader inflation rate
  • Why high-net-worth clients might be interested not only in advice for how to make charitable contributions in the most tax-friendly manner, but also in finding appropriate charities to give to that meet their goals
  • How a recent study suggests a causal connection between married couples who use a joint bank account and increased relationship happiness

We also have a number of articles on practice management:

  • How 1 firm measures its client service standards to ensure it is providing a high-quality client experience
  • How owners of growing firms can increase the size of their client base without sacrificing service levels or working endless hours
  • Why adding strategic tax planning services could be the key to spurring client growth, and how firms can implement the new service offering

We wrap up with 3 final articles, all about health and wellness:

  • How the consumption of ultra-processed foods might lead to a variety of maladies
  • Why the United States trails peer countries in terms of life expectancy
  • Why taking a ‘mental health day’ might only be a temporary fix for broader issues related to burnout in the workplace and what employers can do to support their employees

Enjoy the ‘light’ reading!

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