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The New Economics Zine: Issue 6

We’re very excited to present to you the sixth issue of the New Economics Zine, which takes a look at the generational divide in politics and our economy – featuring articles from Keir Milburn, Emma Dowling, Roman Krznaric, and many more.


  • Editorial: Come together / Margaret Welsh and Katrina Gaffney
  • The scene setter: The anti-woke moral panic and the generational divide / Keir Milburn
  • Britain needs saving(s) / Dan Gloss
  • At home in the housing movement / Mikey Erhardt
  • Who gets to be a kid? / Hannah Francis
  • Pregnant in prison / Janey Starling
  • Striking for students / Milo Summers
  • All ages, one purpose / Rev Mark Coleman
  • Childcare for every generation / Veronica Deutsch
  • The time rebels / Roman Krznaric
  • The long read: Care and capitalism / Emma Dowling

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Image: Eva Bee



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