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Fitness Planner – Sarah Titus

If you’re an organization freak like me who just loves having everything all nice and tidy in one spot, this fitness planner pdf is for you!

Last year I lost 65 pounds! I’ve begun taking better care of myself and trying to change my bad habits slowly over time. Little by little I am getting better and stronger.

My next major step was to start exercising, but I found it difficult to keep everything organized and in one place, so I created this fitness planner printable and I think you’re really going to love it!

Fitness Planner Stars

What’s included in the Fitness Planner

  • Cover
  • 30 Day Fitness Challenge
  • Goals and Rewards
  • Body Measurements Chart
  • Transformation: Before
  • Transformation: After
  • My Measurements Chart
  • Monthly Measurements Chart
  • Personal Workout Plan

My Favorite Pages

It’s kind of hard to choose my favorite pages out of all these fitness planner printables because they are all very helpful, but I do have a few favs. 🙂

This Goals and Rewards printable allows you to keep track of weight, reward, pounds lost and date. It’s nice to see your goals become reality.

Fitness Planner - Goals & Rewards

This Transformation Before printable has sections to add front, side and back “before” photos. Also included is a STATS section.

Fitness Planner - Transformation Before

This Transformation After printable has sections to add a front, side and back “After” photos. Also included is a STATS section.

Fitness Planner - Transformation After

The Body Measurements printable allows you to keep track of your weight with separate columns consisting of Date, Weight, +/- and Notes.

Fitness Planner - Body Measurements

My Measurement Chart printable offers 10 weeks of measurements from the neck down to the ankle. Great way to keep track of your goals!

Fitness Planner - My Measurements Chart

Who’s up for a challenge? This 30 Day Fitness Challenge printable will sure to make a difference in your appearance and the way you feel. Four days of rest included 😊. There’s a notes section included too on this fitness planner template!

Fitness Planner - 30 Day Fitness Challenge

See what others are saying about the planner…

Get the Fitness Planner here.


Fitness Planner



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